Blue Mountain Union School recently announced those high school students who have achieved the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

Seniors: Marcus Barata, Nicola Iorio, Eddie Soucie and Aimee Thompson.

Juniors: Nicole Hurley, Kelsey Parker, Allana Ricker and Hannah Whitaker.

Sophomores: Philip Gibson, Ty Heywood, Cindy Hoang, Taylor Lamberton, Willis Page, Torie Peters and Amber Stewart.

Freshmen: Adrian Bedard

Seniors: Ashley Ashford, Dylan Eastman, Shelby Enger, Dylan Gombas, Adam Hamrysky, Cody Hatch, Jason Kearney, George King, Nicole Larocque, Nattassia Marshall, Michael McCallie, Kaitlin Morrison, Makayla Perkins and Kellan Rose.

Juniors: Derek Ashford, Kate Conquest, Harley Davis, Kyle Farquharson, Taylor Flood, Rachel Thibault, Brandi Veillette, Dillon Williams and Samantha Winget.

Sophomores: Amy Allan, Josie Gombas and Nicholas Russo.

Freshmen: Tyler Byam, Caitlin Cozadd, Alanna Farley, Chelsea Farquharson, Jonathan Gardner and John Gilmour Jr.


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