LYNDON CENTER -- Most high school students like to visit colleges before they decide where they want to go. Often these tours mean long trips in the car with family or friends, but rarely do students travel halfway around the globe to visit a college. On July 19, 42 students and eight teachers from Shenzhen Second Senior High School in Shenzhen, China did just that to visit a number of U.S. colleges and universities, including Lyndon State College in Lyndonville.

Guests were treated to a campus tour, presentation about Lyndon State programs, sample classes, and a traditionalAmerican-style barbecue. The Shenzhen group was here as a part of a 14-day tour of the United States that included stops at seven colleges and universities: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Lyndon State, St. Michael's College and California State University in Dominguez Hills.

At LSC, seven of the high school visitors took part in a News7 News Break mock production, taking over the anchor desk, camera and production positions to get a taste of how a television newsroom actually works. Along with their broadcast experiences, they had a chance to check out the weather observation deck in the Academic and Student Activity Center with the Atmospheric Sciences department.

Visiting students learned more about renewable power from assistant professor of physics Ben Luce, a leading expert on alternative energy sources. Associate professor of psychology and human services Peggy Sherrer showed visiting students what an American college class is like. Professor of history Alexandre Strokanov presented on China and the global market, and business instructor Ann Nygard discussed social entrepreneurship. Teachers from Shenzhen had their questions answered by dean of academic and student affairs Donna Dalton. To cap off the afternoon, the Chinese students and teachers were treated to barbecue on campus.

This marked the second year that students from Shenzhen visited Lyndon State College. Three students from Shenzhen are enrolled at Lyndon for the upcoming school year.


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