David Richardson Awarded VEOP Scholarship

David Richardson

David Richardson, a student at Danville School, has been awarded third place in the Vermont Educational Opportunity Program’s (VEOP) annual essay-based scholarship competition. This scholarship is awarded to a student who is part of an educational opportunity program in Vermont, and writes the best essay addressing the impact that the program had on their educational journey.

David is a very active participant in the Northern Vermont University–Lyndon Upward Bound program, where he has taken full advantage of academic preparation and guidance, social and cultural exposure, college tours, SAT prep, community service, financial aid workshops, and a six-week residential summer program. Upward Bound is one of the federally funded TRIO educational opportunity programs, and support students from modest-income backgrounds who are often the first in their families to attend college.

In his essay, David addressed how being a part of Upward Bound really helped him come out of his shell socially, and how the guidance he received helped to calm some of the fears he had surrounding the college application process. David has some great options for college where he plans to study political science, and he has received offers to attend the University of Vermont, Thomas College, Wheaton, Bentley University, the University of Southern Vermont, Plymouth State University, NVU-Johnson, and Saint Michael’s College.

David says he joined the Upward Bound program because he wanted to make a difference in his education and fully reach his academic potential. As a four-year participant in the Lyndon Upward Bound program, David has accomplished just this by taking full advantage of every academic, social, and cultural opportunity presented to him. He has also worked very hard at Danville, doing well in a full college-preparatory curriculum filled with AP and Dual Enrollment courses. David also has a passion for helping people and his personal and academic goals revolve around effecting positive change in society. He understands the importance of a post-secondary education and the role that will play in allowing him to achieve his goals and grow professionally.

David is an example of the opportunities that can arise from hard work and dedication. In his own words: “Upward Bound has taught me that no matter what social, economic, or educational disadvantage you have, with a good attitude and work ethic you can overcome these disadvantages.”

Upward Bound at NVU–Lyndon is a college preparatory program funded through the United States Department of Education committed to providing modest income, First Generation College bound students the academic background, college preparatory experiences, and support needed to succeed in college immediately after high school. The program works with 75 students in 9 Northeast Kingdom high schools, who are dedicated to achieving their post-secondary dreams. Upward Bound students receive support services throughout the school year and spend six weeks of their summer on the campus of NVU–Lyndon. For more information, contact Rick Williams in the Upward Bound Office at (802) 626-5000.


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