HS Students Recognized For Engineering Accomplishments


The University of Vermont’s Governor’s Institutes of Vermont Engineering Institute recently hosted 87 students representing the New England states and beyond.

BURLINGTON -- "Energy Saver," "Ecological Remediation," "Low Carbon Use" and "Developing World" were some of the unique titles for awards presented to the 87 students enrolled in the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute held recently at the University of Vermont. The UVM/GIV Engineering Institute is sponsored by the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and is one of seven summer institutes provided by The Governor's Institutes of Vermont each summer. During the week-long program, students designed and created automated robots, rockets, and prototypes for solar panels and biomass stoves.

Awards were given in five different engineering project categories: The Renewable/Sustainable Energy, Robotics, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering Design and Earth Systems Science, as well as for sand arches built at Burlington North Beach. A "sprinkling of cash" was showered upon student winners of the written Technocratic Oaths that reflected their life purpose, and for Poetry that reflected their experience during the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute.

Gov. Peter Shumlin visited during the Institute and announced a new initiative to provide Vermont students with $1500/year for five years for taking engineering jobs in Vermont after their graduation from college.

Of the 87 students enrolled in the Institute, eight (from Vermont, New York and Virginia) will represent the United States at the fifth International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) Sept. 5-14 in Modena, Italy. The 2011 U.S. high school student representatives are: TEAM U.S.A.: Kenny Micklas, Lincoln, Vt.; Riley Chapman, Ticonderoga, N.Y.; Avni Nahar, South Burlington, Vt.; Hannah Marshall, Huntington, Vt.; and alternates: Rebecca Brookes, Colchester, Vt.; Sam Clement, Perkinsville, Vt.; Maddie Smith, Norwich, Vt.; August Stevens, Waterbury, Vt.; Reserve Team: Chris Suh, Oakton, Va. and Calvin Dixon, Stowe, Vt.

The focus of the IESO is on sustainability issues such as climate change. Mentored by Tom and Beth Tailer from Essex, Vt., co-directors of the UVM/GIV Engineering Institute, the learning will continue for the IESO high school students who will have the opportunity to work with international students on the world's environmental problems. The fifth IESO is hosted by the University of Modena in Italy. Italy will also mark its 150th unification anniversary in 2011 at this event. For more information on the IESO visit: www.ieso2011.unimore.it/

Wind & Biomass -- Most Original Award: Team Good Vibrations -- Austin Cawley-Edwards of South Woodstock, Vt.; Kyle Piette of Newark; Conor McQuiston of Williston, Vt.; Sophie Leiter of Woodstock, Vt.

Aerospace -- Low Carbon Use Award: Team T.A.R.D.I.S. --Mazie O'Connor and Kassandra Morse, both of Cabot.

Design Engineering -- Best in Category Award: Team Proto-Lift --Morgan O'Connell of East Hardwick; Christopher Sean Liehr of Essex, Vt; Iskandar Khan of Williston, Vt.; Stasia Furber of Montpelier, Vt.

Design Engineering -- Learnability Award: Team Pressomatic --Christopher Suh of Oakton, Va.; Stephanie Watson of Newport; Rowan Dubin-Masuckof East Wallingford, Vt.; Alvin Thayer of Burlington.

Design Engineering -- Best Insight Award: Team Simplicity Grip -- John Marshall of Sharon, Vt.; Gina Basilliere of Westfield; Christopher Parlin Bartsch of Chelsea, Vt.; Matt Salemy of Carlisle, Mass.

Sand Arch Awards: first place, Stephanie Watson of Newport; second place, Mazie O'Connor of Cabot.


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