LITTLETON, N.H. -- The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a student organization that helps students develop strong leadership skills necessary to be successful in their future endeavors. Members of FBLA learn about business, attend conferences, give back to their communities, and gain valuable experiences that will benefit them throughout college and beyond.

Every year, Littleton's local FBLA chapter participates in a number of community service projects, as well as several business-based state projects in order to gain points towards becoming one of the top three chapters in the state -- a "gold seal chapter." This past fall, Littleton FBLA attended a state conference where members attended a seminar and participated in a group activity with members of other FBLA chapters.

Throughout September and October FBLA sponsored a fundraiser known as "flocking" where people could pay to have flocks of plastic flamingos placed on a friend's lawn anonymously. FBLA has also helped out its community by carving pumpkins, baking pies, donating food to a local Zumba-thon, and collecting Christmas gifts for children in need.

Recently, the Future Business Leaders of America put up flyers and set up collection boxes at their high school for a local animal shelter. Second Chance Animal Rescue started a shoe collecting fundraiser. They have collected and shipped shoes to a company called "ShoeBox Recycling" who then sends the shoes to third-world countries. For every pound of shoes the shelter delivers, they receive money to support their rescued felines.

"Give your old shoes a new life." Second Chance Animal Rescue is located at 1517 Meadow Street in Littleton. Clean out your closet and help a great cause!


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