Littleton High School and Daisy Bronson Middle School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first marking period of the 2019-2020 school year.

High Honors

Grade 12: Madison DeCoste, Jenna Doucette, Kelsey Houghton, Naomi Nunez, Marcos Silveira, Falon Smith and Elisabeth Thompson.

Grade 11: Landon Bromley, Madison Collins, Christian DeMoras, Riley Johnson, Taylor Nelson and Evan Piette.

Grade 10: Alexi Hastings, Gabriealla Lemay and Kaylee Manzella.

Grade 9: Rayelinn Bromley, Gordon Chau and Allyson DeMoras.

Grade 8: Taytum Adams, Kierra Charest, Rebecca Colby, Camden Cook, Blake Fillion, Claire Hennessey, Kaitlyn Ilacqua, Owen Kihslinger, Ethan LaRose, Loren McCusker and Isabella Silva.

Grade 7: Fiona Chau, Jakub Fortner, Addison Hadlock and Kahlen Stone.


Grade 12: Jasmine Brown, Quinton Eastman, Frederic Finkhauser, Tori Fullam, Dayna Garcia, Kaitlin Horner, Daniel Kubkowski, Jacqueline Maker, Anny Perez Hernandez, Raegan Porfido, Kaylee Quinones, Faith Santo, Kylie Stewart, Haylie Williams and Alexandria Woodman.

Grade 11: Mackenzie Allaire, Seth Boulanger, Hannah Brown, Kody Buczala, Brenton Cleaves, Trevor Collins, Jocelyn Cosentino, McKayla Dermako, Kyle Dexter, Rochelle Eastman, Joshua Finkle, Jason Hamilton, Isabelle Horsch, Matthew Kelly, Morgan Lavoie, Austin Marquis, Parker Paradice, Isaac Piette, Nichole Regnet, Jaiden Ridlon, Nathaly Rossi, Mariah Stillings and Hannah Troupe.

Grade 10: Angel Anan, Madeline Carbonneau, Makala Gapa-Brown, Lauren McKee, Mia Rafuse and Vincent Silva.

Grade 9: Greyson Bechard, Pannaporn Boonsungnearn and Bailey Reed.

Grade 8: Bode Belyea, Nannapas Boonsungnearn, Zealand Boutin, Kenzi Cleaves, Joelvy Cuello Perez, Isabella D’Orazio, Charles Daine, Thomas Fortner II, Ellasyn Howard, Christian Kam, Morgan Kelly, Ross Kelly, Alyssa Pappa, Makenna Reed, Luca Rossi, William Stroker, Josselyn Tellier, Elise Tyler, Jessenia Welch and Hannah Whitcomb.

Grade 7: Jayson Asselin, Truman Colby, Reece Cook, Collin D’Orazio, Grace Egan, Nevaeh Fahey, Dylan Gerlack, Jonathan Kam, Nathan Lavoie, Brody Lewis, RyAnn “Max” Lewis, Justin Louis, Ellie Maccini, Merrick Maccini, Kaelyn Moore, Hayley Natola, Claire Peacock, Natalia Pleischl, Logan Poulton, Shiloh Reagey, Kaiden Reed, Christopher Smith, Kiera Therrien and Nichol Trombley.


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