A group of 14 students and 6 adults from the Foundations Summer Program at Lake Region Union High School in Orleans visited The Clan of the Hawk Grounds in Evansville July 20. The group spent the day learning about and erecting a tepee; visiting the Looking Glass Museum and learning about Abenaki weapons, tools, arrowheads and baskets; talking with Mr. Stone Tree about Medicine Circles and listening to him play a hollowed out log he made into a drum; holding a discussion about Brunswick Springs led by Chief Lone Cloud as a follow-up to their visit to the Springs; and swimming in the swimming hole. Several of the students were interested in volunteering to help maintain the Pow Wow grounds.

The events for the day were summed up by participating student, Tammy Buzzell: "It was so fantastic being able to go there. There were a lot of new things I got to see and learn. I really enjoyed being there.

I thought that the neatest stuff I got to see was in the museum. It was amazing to learn how the Indians used to do things. I loved being able to see the baskets.

When Ralph Swett was talking to us, some of the stuff that he said was just mind blowing. I still can't believe it.

I liked the tee pee we got to put up. It was difficult to try to see how they did the knot. It is just so hard to believe that if you put up the tee pee right, and when it rains none of the water will go in side. And also one female could put it up all by herself.

Some of the stuff that Mr. Stone Tree showed us, I really liked. The way that the stones were set up with the month and colors on it was strange. What I would really like to know is how did he come up with that? Some of the rocks that he had were just so strange.

I also liked being able to see all the clay. I never before got to see clay walls like that. It was really neat when you pulled it apart you could pull layers of clay.

I really appreciate that they allowed us to go there. If it wasn't for that I would not have gotten to see some of the amazing stuff that they had. I also really liked that they invited us and our family to go and see the pow wow. And they even said we could camp there. Also I really liked that he is going to be writing a book about the healing springs."


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