Lyndon Institute recently named those students named to the honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2019-2020 academic year.

High Honors

Grade 12: Jasmin Baillargeon, Halie Bean, Brittnee Bell, Dayton Blake, Irie Campbell, Lauren Chamberlain, Sadie Chamberlain, Colin Cornell, Maria Manuela Di Pace Martins, Jena Fillion, Kate Gallant, Timothy Goodwin, Edna Kabenga, Matthew Lazzaro, Joshua Locke, Jenna Malone, Emma Mann, Olivia Matteis, Shea McCaffrey, Tristan Miller, Charlotte Mosedale, Haley Ott, Leon Otter, Jake Paquette, Jarrett Petterson, Natalie Potter, Kevin Rivers, Emily Sherman, Kya Sigouin, Sydney Smith, Jaka Starman, Rio Steen, River Stern-Carney, Jacklyne Therriault, Arizon Tobyne, Magdalena Voldrichova, Jaedyn Wade, Spencer Ward and Jenny Winsvold.

Grade 11: Lainie Allen, Julia Before, Sadie Bora, Lyla Colburn, Avery Daigle, Tobias Ham, Chanwoo Kim, Anna Kornis, Colin MacDiarmid, William Mitchell, Minh Nguyen, Lucas Patoine, Grace Pearce, Andrzej Prince, Kelleigh Simpson, Matthew Sirois, McKayla Stowell, Emily Tanner, Nhi Tran and Ainsley Wells.

Grade 10: Rozalynd Ahlmann, Braden Anderson, Lexa Ball, Reese Barany, Aiden Bogie, Carissa Brittain, Sullivan Davis, Arya Degeorge, Hannah Demers, Natalie Ely, Jayson Francis, Catrina Gallagher, Rye Hewitt, Alexander Hume, Spencer Johns, Tibor Kiraly-Hegedus, Agnieska LaFleur, Hailey Lawrence, Trevor Lussier, Nicholas Matteis, Caitlyn Mayo, Max McClure, Ahmet Mete, Dylan Miller, Emma Newland, Kaylynn Pinsonneault, Isabelle Priest, Emma Renaudette, Taran Rice, Julia Sawyer, Holden Wade, Kadienne Whitcomb, Jarrett Wilkins, Jack Willard and Victoria Young.

Grade 9: Brock Bickford, Marc Bloechle, Laci Bora, Elizabeth Brown, Isaiah Clarke, Cynthia Danforth, Jakub Diakonowicz, Bethany Goodwin, Zachary Hale, Eli Hooker, Destany LaFleur, Zane Mawhinney, Lilyan Miller, Logan Miller, Lukas Norheim, Ellery Norwood, Chelsea Ott, Delaney Raymond, Joy Ruggles, Brian Somers, Gemma Stowell, Julia Taylor, Austin Wheeler, Gavin Williams and Rebecca Young-Allen.


Grade 12: Gabrielle Allen, Bethany Austin, Dominique Bandy, Marcus Clark, Gage Doty, Autumn Dunbar, Liv Gahleitner, Haleigh Gould, Jinfeng Jiang, Robin Keon, Elaina LaFond, Jacob Montgomery, Kirbie Nichols, Marissa Patoine, Isaac Pike, Marquis Rolle, David Stevens, Kamryn Trepanier and Teagan Wheeler.

Grade 11: Alexander Anair, Emily Antonucci, Darien Bishop, Dakota Calkins, Kace Colby, Emily Deth, Hayley Egan, Evan Fix, Nicolas Alonso Froeling, Olivia Hudson, Katelynn Humphrey, Wilson Krause, Elizabeth Leonard, Holden Middleton, Delaney Noyes, Annalee Schreiber, Quynh Tran, Collin Wilkie Johnson and Elizabeth Willhoit.

Grade 10: Cameron Barney, Luis Torroba Barroso, Gabriel Cole, Jamie Fenoff, Jack Grant, Aiden Hale and Faith Houde.

Grade 9: Brianne Allegra, Taylor Bean, Julia Bigelow, Kolby Blair, Norman Channon, Gracie Colby, Aiden Davis, MaryJane Easterbrooks, Abby Fillion, Ashton Gould, Theodore Levine, Kaylee McCaffrey, Gracie Peavey, Colby Simpson, Grace Ulrich and Adrianna Webster.


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