NEWPORT — During the week of April 5-8, the SkillsUSA Vermont organization held virtual competitions for students in career and technical centers across the state. Three North Country Career Center students participated in the competitions. NCCA students showed perseverance and determination in preparing for Job Skill Demonstration A and Medical Terminology.

Receiving Gold medals were Abigail Bellizzi and Shauna Boisvert. A Silver medalist went to Alyssa Banuelos.

Abigail is a student in Dr. Katherine Gray’s Health Sciences 1 Class. She demonstrated how to stop life threatening bleeding. Shauna, a student in Celine Champine’s Health Sciences 2 class, took a written Medical Terminology test. Alyssa, a Mechatronics student taught by Hazen Converse, demonstrated how to design an electrical schematic on AutoCAD, then built that circuit on an electrical trainer and measured amperage, voltage and resistance.

Gold medalists across the country, including Abigail and Shauna, are now preparing for the Virtual National Championships which will be held the week of June 14.

Job Skill Demonstration A is a challenging opportunity for students to demonstrate skills they have learned from the Career Center programs they are in. Each contest lasts anywhere from five to seven minutes where they explain and demonstrate their skills to judges. They are evaluated on their poise, voice, organization, and how effective their speech is.

Submitted by Kayla Daniels


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