New Year Begins At Walden School


Elizabeth Benoit, at left, principal at Walden School, and Stacy Andre, administrative assistant, are ready for the new school year.


New faces were there to greet students as they entered Walden School on opening day Aug. 28. Principal Elizabeth Benoit and administrative assistant Stacy Andre are preparing the school for an exciting learning experience and stimulating educational year.

Benoit is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, earning both bachelor of science and master of Education degrees. She has over 20 years experience in education serving as a physical education, health and science teacher. Upon earning her masters in reading, Benoit served as literacy coordinator at the local school level, as well as at the supervisory union level and then moved into the role as principal of Lunenburg Public Schools. Benoit lives in Lunenburg. She looks forward to extended visits with her son when he is home from a tour at sea.

Andre is a native Californian transplanted in New England and migrated to the Northeast Kingdom. She lives with her family in Danville; her two children attend Danville School. She has 20-plus years of administrative experience, including owning her own business last 5 years. She is "Looking forward to meeting everyone and putting her skills to positive use."

Another new face for the 2012-2013 school year is Kate Gansle in Special Education. Joining the teaching staff in grades 3 and 4 is Tamara Hart, who did her student practice teaching with Travis Hill last year.

New assignments this year will find Kim Larose as early literacy interventionist; Kevin Colosa instructing music and serving as technology integrationist; Travis Hill in the role of elementary mathematics support; Heidi Moore as teacher for the first and second grades, and Sarah Daye as teacher of grades 5 and 6. All classrooms will be in the main school facility, including kindergarten and pre-K in the building's west end with Marie Langmaid; art, music and physical education in the multipurpose room with Jayne Donahue, Kevin Colosa and Jeremiah Bias respectively. Monika Reis will be returning in guidance and Ben Clarke in French. Tammy Russell and Cindy Drinkwine will be returning to the Middle Level.

The bus route has remained essentially the same: beginning at 7:05 a.m. at Davidson Drive; Fire Station at 7:13; Allen Drive, 7:15; Bayley-Hazen Road, 7:25; Richard Crossing, 7:37; Orton Road, 7:43; Keene Road, 7:47; arriving at school, 7:58.

Afternoon passage: 2:50 p.m. leaving school; Davidson Drive, 2:55; Fire Station, 3:05; Allen Drive, 3:13; Bayley-Hazen Road, 3:18; Richard Crossing, 3:29; Orton Road, 3:36; Keene Road, 3:41; school, 3:44.


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