Newport Town Elementary School went to the Northeast Kingdom Elementary Music Festival on Feb. 15. The Music Festival was for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. Students could either sing in chorus or play in band -- some students did both.

One girl who did chorus and had the only solo in the whole festival was Abby Fortin. She said, "It was a wonderful experience"! The songs chorus sang were "Tshotsholoza" (a South Africa freedom song), "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," "Starry Night of Winter," "Unwritten" and "Finding Our Way Back Home" (the song Abby Fortin sang the solo in).

The band played "Bonse Aba" ( an African style piece), "Londonderry Air," "Two Shaker Songs," and "Plaza de Toros."

The music teacher who brought students to the festival was Dr. Doncaster. She teaches at Lowell School, Coventry School and Newport Town School. Lowell had three students attend, Coventry had three students attend, and Newport Town Elementary School had 19 students go. This was the most amount of students Newport Town has ever brought to a music festival.

Dr. Doncaster stated, "I'm proud of all my students and that it is a fun and good music field trip." Everyone had a great time and looking forward next year.

Submitted by Chantal Therrien, a member of the sixth grade P.I.L.O.T.S. program at Newport Town School.


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