NVU-Lyndon Upward Bound Students Tour Middlebury College

Upward Bound students tour Middlebury College on Oct. 8: from left, Thomas Hinton, a junior at Lake Region Union High School in Orleans; Chelsea Ott, a junior at Lyndon Institute; Gemma Stowell, a junior at LI; and Abigail Harrington, a junior at Rivendell Academy. (Courtesy photo)

LYNDONVILLE – Four Northern Vermont University–Lyndon Upward Bound students visited Middlebury College, in Middlebury, Vt., on Oct. 8, enjoying the opportunity to tour and learn about the campus. Chelsea Ott, Gemma Stowell, Thomas Hinton and Abigail Harrington traveled to Middlebury together, and upon their arrival were able to speak to an Upward Bound and Middlebury College alumna, Rebecca Doucet, via the phone. She gave them advice about what they should look for and consider during their visit.

When they arrived in the Town of Middlebury, they drove around, getting a feel for what the community surrounding the college is like. The campus tour was led by a senior from Middlebury’s English department who is an active member in the college’s athletics and clubs. The tour included much of the Middlebury’s campus, allowing the students to see the academic buildings, residential halls, dining facilities, fields, gyms and art’s center. Due to the ongoing pandemic and out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of Middlebury’s students and staff, the entire tour was held outside and the students were unable to see the interiors of any of these buildings.

Following the tour, the students asked the tour guide and an admissions representative any final questions that they had about the college and what it is like to attend there. They also had the chance to peek inside of one of the student centers on campus before returning to Lyndonville.

Upward Bound at NVU-Lyndon is a college preparatory program funded through the United States Department of Education. The program is committed to providing modest income, first in family, college bound students with the academic background, college preparatory experiences, and support to succeed in college immediately after high school. The Upward Bound program works with 75 students in eight area high schools who are dedicated to achieving their post-secondary dreams. For more information, contact Rick Williams in the Upward Bound Office at (802) 626-5000.


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