DANVILLE, EAST BURKE, LYNDON CENTER, LYNDONVILLE, ST. JOHNSBURY, WATERFORD, GREENSBORO, HARDWICK — The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont (GIV) welcomed over 300 Vermont high school students to the family of alumni, after they successfully completed an Immersion with GIV this summer.

GIV hosts intensive, hands-on learning experiences for young people throughout Vermont. These programs provide the opportunity for students to dive into a topic they are passionate about, create important connections with mentors and peers who share their interests, and make new friends from all over the state.

As we all know, this was an incredibly important summer to rebuild lost connections and foster community. These students helped make that possible during the eight online Immersions that were held this summer, in the following topics:

● Arts: developing an artistic practice, meeting future collaborators, making new work in visual, dramatic, musical, written, or digital creation.

● Engineering: building a solar panel, assessing local energy systems, and gaining exposure to multiple engineering fields and career pathways.

● Global Issues & Youth Activism: exploring challenging political, environmental and social justice issues, developing an understanding of how to create change.

● Entrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation: creating business pitches, building the growth mindset, practicing effective storytelling and generating new ideas.

● Environmental Science & Technology: guided field sampling, data collection, observation, and environmental analysis in hometowns.

● Technology & Design: participating in fast-paced design challenges. Prototyping solutions to real-world problems, programming, design thinking, engaging with microcontrollers.

● Health and Medicine: Learning alongside practicing med students and professionals. Diving into guided patient interviews and case studies, participating in panels and workshops.

● The Kenneth I Gross and Tony Trono Governor’s Institute on Mathematical Sciences:Challenging puzzles, engaging in mentored problem-solving activities and contests, learning about the real-world and theoretical applications of mathematics.

In its 38th year of providing youth programming, the nonprofit Governor’s Institutes works with every Vermont high school, VSAC and the Vermont Agency of Education, along with many donors, to strengthen educational equity for strong learners in Vermont. For more information, visit www.giv.org, or call (802) 865-4448.

To celebrate the students from the area who completed their Immersions this summer, the following list was compiled of all GIV summer 2021 alumni: Tanner Carpenter (Arts, GIYA); Luna Waterman (Arts); Liam Carcoba (Engineering, Tech & Design); Camille Yarrow (Entrepreneurship); Ava Purdy (ESAT); Delaney Nelson (Health & Medicine); Rebekah Cloutier (Health & Medicine); Wisteria Franklin (Health & Medicine) Isabella Bartolotta (Math) Kaylynn Pinsonneault (Math).


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