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Carol Amos


Grade 11

If you were to walk into Danville school on an average school morning, you would be greeted by Carol Amos -- a well-dressed woman with a great big warming smile. She holds the door for you and checks in on the elementary students, fellow staff members, and sometimes the high school students.

This year Danville School welcomes Carol Amos as our new Kindergarten through sixth-grade principal. This will be Amos' first year as principal. She attended Towson State University in Maryland to gain her bachelor of arts in early childhood education. While in Maryland, Amos worked as the director of a daycare center. She also attended UVM where she earned her master of education in education. Before transferring to Danville School, Amos was associate principal at Twinfield Union High School in Plainfield, Vt. for 11 years.

"Danville seems to have stronger community support than some of the other schools with which I have worked. It is wonderful to see so much involvement and volunteerism from the parents and the community." says Amos after being asked how Danville differs from schools that she has worked at in the past. Amos says that she feels very honored to receive the position here at Danville, as she had heard what a wonderful school Danville is.

Noah Noyes, the seventh- through 12th-grade principal says, "I have observed that the elementary students enjoy working with Ms. Amos. I think they know that she genuinely cares about them and wants them to be successful. She seems to inspire young learners to want to do and be their very best." Asked if Amos has had any funny/interesting moments here at Danville thus far, she mentioned that when you're working with elementary students, there are many cute moments, so many that its makes it hard to decide on just one. "One of the 'cutest' moments was the day before we left for the holiday break in December. I went into a kindergarten classroom to wish them Happy Holidays when one of the little boys ran up with a big smile and said, 'This is the best-est school day I have a had in my whole, long life!'"

Amos sees a bright and exciting future for Danville. She says that in the elementary wing there is a lot of good work going on that focuses on 21st century skills, and that the staff here at Danville School is very dedicated to helping students succeed. "Ms. Amos really goes the extra mile to check in with people. She also really cares about her staff." says Simon Fisher, seventh- through 12th-grade guidance counselor.


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