GROVETON, NH — Supervisory Union #58 recently announced that it is the recipient an award from the Crotched Mountain Foundation (CMF) Kids, due to the dedication and diligence of Student Services Administrator Michelle Mason, who has been with SAU #58 for seven years. Michelle is committed to supporting the students every day, and wrote the grant so all of the special education and language arts teachers were able to receive extensive training in support of struggling readers.

Crotched Mountain Foundation recently shared some very positive news about the response it received to the first-round of partnership awards:

“We were thrilled to have multiple program proposals from schools in Coos and Grafton counties. The proposals were reflective of the school districts creative, innovative and diverse endeavors to improve outcomes for students with complex disabilities. We were impressed and inspired by all the school districts, and their vestment in initiatives that will foster the strengthening of special education programs both short and longer term.

“After thoughtful assessment by the CMF Kids review panel, we are happy to announce the following six school districts have been selected for partnership awards with CMF Kids: Berlin, Milan, Lisbon, Warren, White Mountain Regional, Northumberland, Stratford and Stark. The awards represent more than $200,000 dollars in support of New Hampshire’s school children with complex disabilities.”

In the coming weeks, SAU #58 will share how the selected districts intend to leverage the support from CMF Kids to positively impact special education students.

CMF Kids is planning its second phase of partnership awards in early 2022. The Foundation remains committed to assisting school districts in Coos, Grafton and Cheshire counties that bolster and improve special education outcomes for children most in need.


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