ST. JOHNSBURY -- While St. Johnsbury Academy seniors were delivering their Capstone presentations to the community Dec. 7, students in the freshmen class were busily completing the next phase of their innovative humanities curriculum -- projects focusing on the cultural identity of St. Johnsbury Academy.

Using their iPads as a collaborative learning tool, the students have been preparing presentations that demonstrate their expertise in an aspect of their own school culture, showcasing the wide variety of student interests, talents, and learning styles.

The day began in South Church with a keynote presentation from Grace Egbert and Glenn Ehrean's Humanities students titled, "Religion in the Northeast Kingdom" that focused on the diverse religious traditions throughout the St. Johnsbury area.

Students then moved to other venues to view the work of their classmates, the range of which included heroes in the history of the Academy, traditions and stories passed down through the Academy's history, videos that portray student perspectives on the Academy's values, culture, and traditions.

The afternoon offered an opportunity for students to venture into the community, visiting four partner organizations for the Freshman Capstone project that will be developed in the spring semester: the Fairbanks Museum, Catamount Arts, the St. Johnsbury Athenaeum, and the St. Johnsbury History & Heritage Center. During their visits, the students learned about the resources at these institutions and presented possible project ideas. This exciting partnership connects local arts and culture organizations with Academy students, and will require students to create collaborative, well-researched, and professional products based on the needs of their clients.


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