St. Johnsbury Academy recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the fourth quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

Grade 12: Mario Attie, Elizabeth Baker, Rebekah Balch, Tyler Barnes, Cole Barski, Allison Brown, Allyson Bruckner, Benjamin Bunnell, Mingyu Chen, Xiangru Chen, Kurtis Clough, Zachary Cochran, Kiara Cole, Anna Corso, Faith Darling, Perry Emerson, Cole Forester-Clarke, Antonio Garcia Iguaz, Victor Guimaraes, Felizitas Hammer, Patrick Hatch, Andy Hoang, Brendan Hughes, Jonathan Inamura, Shannon Jefferson, Da Won Lee, Arin Lozefski, Morgan Macie, Morgan Magoon, Christopher Mahmood, Adam Marchesseault, Amelia McNally, Giovanina Mier, Parichat Munpleng, Tyler Newell, Nguyen Nguyen, Samantha Patoine, Gregory Piper, Danielle Prevost, Cyrus Ready-Campbell, Keith Robert, Jason Sherman, Rosalee Stinehour, Dani Strimling Zichlin, Olivia Thomas, Peter-John Trapp, Xin Wei, Ningyi Xi, David Yedid, Ayla Yersel, Bing Qi Yu and Haitao Yu.

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