Staying Active, Keeping Fit:Lisbon Regional School Junior Hannah Champagne


LISBON, N.H. -- Hannah Champagne has cultivated a passion for health and fitness she is taking into the future. Hannah, a junior at Lisbon Regional School, is this Monday's Get Fit Student of the Month.

"She's a terrific role model," said middle school and high school guidance counselor Mary Coleman. "She's college prep all the way and plays all sports."

Hannah stays active playing basketball, softball and soccer and is a member of the school's Panther's Adventure Wilderness Society (PAWS).

"She does a tremendous amount of fund-raising," Coleman said. "The whole family does that. They give a lot back to the community."

Funds raised go to the Lisbon Lions Club, PAWS program, food drives and school programs.

What was your inspiration to stay healthy and fit and what keeps you going?

Hannah: "It's something my family does. I've been involved in sports since kindergarten. My older brother and sister [Matthew and Kristina] both played sports and both my parents [Scott and Audrey] were in sports in high school, too."

In addition to the health benefits of staying active, Hannah said she enjoys the challenges that come with participating in a wide range of physical activities, such as whitewater kayaking and rock climbing.

What is your advice to those who want to get fit or stay fit?

Hannah: "Set goals and slowly achieve them. Don't set them too high. Set ones you can achieve and progress from there." A person doesn't have to begin with running, she said, but can choose an easier activity that results in a level of fitness that can then springboard to another activity as one progresses.

What are some other school activities are you involved with?

Vice-president of the Student Council and Yearbook.

What are your plans for the future?

Hannah: "I want to go to a four-year college, probably in the medical field. I also want to play either basketball or soccer in college."


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