GROVETON, N.H. -- The students from Stratford Public School have successfully transitioned to Groveton High School. The transition process began during the spring of 2011 with a shadow day for the new students. They were paired with Groveton students in their grade and attended all of their classes.

During the day the guidance counselors from both schools held individual conferences with the new students to develop their class schedule for the fall of 2011. As a result, the new students have had few problems with their schedules and have been appropriately placed in the correct classes.

A large contingent of Stratford, Bloomfield and Brunswick parents attended open house in September and were able to visit the school and meet their child's teachers.

Groveton High School has improved communication to parents and students by utilizing the Edline and MMS websites to give families access to grades, attendance and discipline on line. Teachers are phoning or emailing parents with information about their child's performance in their classes. The One Call phone system is being used to send email and voice mail messages to parents about school events.

The Stratford students have fit in nicely into the Groveton School. Teachers have commented that they really don't know the difference between Groveton and Stratford students. When meeting with the school principal, the Stratford students have expressed that they are very happy with the move to Groveton.

Here is a sample of the comments the Stratford students have made about their experience at Groveton High School: "I really like it."; "Everyone was welcoming."; "The transition was easy."; "Teachers are helpful & professional."; "Classes are challenging and fast paced."; "Curriculum is tough."; "Kids here care about their education."; "Teachers engage students and students are actively involved."; "It was a big change, with larger classes, giving more opportunities and meeting more friends."; "Stratford kids are enjoying it here."


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