A Learning Showcase was held April 9 at Haverhill Cooperative Middle School, where students in all grades exhibited special projects they have been working on during the school year. The exhibits covered a range of historical, scientific and mathematical topics.

The fourth grade was alive with the "Sound of Music." Visitors to the event could take a musical journey through the fourth-grade rooms to see and hear musicians play their hand-made instruments. Students showed how sound travels and different sounds are made.

Those in attendance could examine a collection of projects that the fifth-grade students have worked on. Examples included projects about weather, landforms and Native Americans. In addition, on display were examples of students' poetry and artwork.

Students in the sixth grade displayed research projects about factors that influence health. Students worked with partners to create research questions, formulate hypotheses, gather data, analyze results and present conclusions.

Students in Grade 7 greeted visitors dressed in modern garb and learned how to understand that "mythology is still all around us." In each classroom visitors saw the various ways the culture and learning of ancient Greece has influenced modern-day life.

Visitors to the eighth-grade classroom took a journey through the history of the United States, exploring the American landscape, and meeting the people who helped shape the American culture. Visitors were introduced to the artists, scientists, poets, politicians, actors, sports figures, musicians and pioneers whose contributions to society made them truly American Originals.

Students in the Reading and Language Arts class have been researching and studying the people and animals of the Arctic. On display were Arctic animals, including the Greenland Shark, musk ox, caribou and northern fur seals.

In the Life Skills room, the eighth-grade students displayed quilts they had created. By the close of the academic year, it is planned to have 60-plus quilts completed, to distribute at David's House at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Hanover, N.H. By completing their quilt, eighth-grade students can successfully fulfill their school or community service graduation requirement.

Examples of student work was also on display from each grade level in the Tech Ed department.


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