The following Student Success stories have taken place during the third quarter of the 2019-2020 school year at North Country Charter Academy in Lancaster and Littleton, N.H. The students have been working hard while attending their remote learning classes.

Lancaster NCCA

Laura Nadeau

Laura came to NCCA in the fall of 2018 with the desire to graduate from high school so that she could begin her journey in the field of music education. Though working independently behind a computer screen was a challenge for her, she had the determination and perseverance needed to be College and Career ready by the time she finished at NCCA. Laura also attended White Mountains Regional High School throughout her stay with us and continues to be a leading member of their musical ensembles. She is also very active in a local Jujitsu club and has recently earned her brown belt.

Jayden Hodge

Jayden came to NCCA in January of 2020 from Clarksville, N.H. Though she had been in several high schools over the years, she made it very clear by her actions that she had some goals in mind and that graduating from high school was of paramount importance. Even before we had to switch over to remote learning in the middle of March, Jayden was a very engaged student who seldom wasted a minute while at school. Now that she is working remotely from home, she is even more engaged and excited about the fact the fact that she may be able to graduate this fall. Jayden looks forward to working in the field of healthcare in the future.

Littleton NCCA

Destinie Marland

Destinie, Grade 10, has been chosen as Littleton’s Student of the Quarter. Destinie is a student from Littleton High School who began her journey with NCCA in January, needing 9.5 credits. All students who are accepted to NCCA are required to take three standardized, national assessments in math, reading and writing to assist teachers in placing the student in their individual zone of proximal development, combined with an 80 percent or better in order to graduate, regardless of math credits needed or not needed. Destinie placed beyond a 12th grade level across all three content areas, distinguishing herself from the crowd.

Destinie has made it clear to staff and students that when she puts her mind to something, she does not give up. It has been a joy to observe her taking ownership of her education. She also manages to take responsibility for herself by working part-time at McDonald’s several nights per week and on the weekends.

Third quarter, Destinie was able to successfully complete four rigorous courses with a grade point average of a nearly perfect score, 99 percent.

Connor Pillsbury

Connor, Grade 11, has been chosen as Littleton’s Student of the Quarter. Connor came to NCCA from White Mountains Regional High School in February of this year. He proactively collaborated with his academic team at NCCA, to create three primary goals, which included: finish off the 3.5 credits needed to meet NCCA’s 20 credit graduation requirement by the middle of May, earn a minimum of an 80 percent grade-point-average and apply for post-secondary education. These are ambitious goals for a junior in high school.

Within a one month time period, Connor was able to successfully earn 1.5 credits with a 90 percent grade-point-average. On top of his perfect attendance at NCCA, he continued with enrollment in his second and final year of WMRHS’s Vocational Welding Program. He also managed to work 20-30 hours per week at Littleton’s Walmart, stocking shelves until 10:30 pm several nights per week.

With remote learning in place, Connor continues to demonstrate perseverance and a strong work ethic. He has single handedly completed a high-level, intense Geometry course, leaving him with one credit of English remaining to meet his goal of high school completion by mid-May. Based on his history of success with NCCA, there is no doubt Connor will finish what he has set out to do. He has proven to be a role model, both academically and functionally, especially for the younger students. Connor has applied to Manchester Community College’s Automotive Program, as he has special interests in working with European Automobiles.


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