We have all made choices we regret and many times you are able to get over the bad ones and move on. Sometimes they end up working out just fine, other times not so much. Dropping out of high school or not graduating because of missing credits may come back to haunt you in the future for a variety of reasons.

Amanda Pruden, High School Completion coordinator for Northeast Kingdom Learning Services explains, "Some students and young adults 16 to 22 have little to no support to help them complete their high school education. That's where NEKLS comes in and can make a huge difference in someone's future path."

Pruden went on to say, "We provide one on one learning situations for core and elective classes! Some of those electives are Intro to College and even Drivers Education! We help you get your diploma from your high school. Give me four hours a week and I will help you graduate with an actual real diploma from your school."

The High School Completion Program helps students who are ages 16 to 22, are currently or not currently enrolled in school, short on credits or have dropped out for whatever reason. A student can either come into the Newport Community Learning Center on Main Street in Newport or any of the centers through out the Northeast Kingdom. A school guidance counselor can also refer a student to NEKLS.

Pruden adds, "These services are completely free! The best part is we create an individualized plan around school, work or your life. We are here to completely support, help and encourage you to get through this program. We offer the High School Completion Program year round and from all of our learning centers in St. Johnsbury, Island Pond, Canaan, Hardwick and of course right here in Newport where I am. All a student needs is motivation to get a high school diploma. This isn't a GED, which we do offer as a service here, but this is an actual real diploma! In fact we have a 100 percent success rate if the motivation is there!"

If you or someone you know is currently enrolled, unenrolled, are struggling or even dropped out, contact Amanda Pruden at Northeast Kingdom Learning Services 334-2839 or email Amanda.pruden@neklsvt.org to get help in earning your High School Diploma! Also visit us on the web at www.neklsvt.org and like us on Facebook.

Submitted by Carrie Steele.


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