NEWPORT — When leadership of an organization changes, it is customary to run a press release in the newspaper. Traditionally, these press releases contain information about the new person such as how many degrees they have, their experience, and where they are from. Kimberlee Strepka, United Christian Academy’s new Head of School, and Michele Geib, UCA’s new Academic Program Director, would instead like to substitute the usual press release for a personal letter.

Greetings Newport!

Our names are Kim and Michele, and we’ve been given the privilege of serving as UCA’s new administrators. Between us, we’ve lived here 30 years, and we love our town. Have you ever stopped to think about what makes Newport a wonderful place to live and raise a family? Here’s just a few of ours

… the awesome crew at The Pick & Shovel, seeing the gazebo turn into a pumpkin, watching the 4th of July bed races, sunsets from Shattuck Hill, lying in the snow at Gardner Park and watching the Winter Festival fireworks, smelling grain as we turn onto Main Street, hearing the bells of St. Mary’s toll at noon, and of course, United Christian Academy, Newport’s best kept secret.

Change is constant though, and we miss poutine from the Parkside Restaurant, walking laps at IROC, and seeing Micheline Auger working tirelessly cleaning the streets and being a shining example of service to us all.

UCA has also seen much change as it enters its 26th year, growing from just a high school to serving students in K-12, and from teaching in person to remote instruction. Moving forward, we as a school are renewing our commitment of faith through service to our community and ensuring that our school leaves a compassionate footprint on our students and those around us. We are also building a blended curriculum to seamlessly move between in person and virtual learning should the need arise.

We invite you to say hello and visit UCA. Come and see how we’re making quality education possible in a COVID world. Because we are a smaller school, it is easier for us to provide children with physical and emotional safety, flexible learning strategies, and personal attention.

Email or call (802) 334-3112 to learn more about a school that is truly a family. We’d love to meet you!

— Kimberlee Strepka, DMA; Michele Geib, MEd.


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