Upward Bound Residential Staff Empowering Local Students


Members of the Upward Bound Summer staff and the colleges they attended are: from left, Emily Houle, Saint Michael’s College; Zach Brown, Plymouth State University; Hattie Cadreact, New Hampshire Institute of Technology; Isaac Colby, University of Vermont; Jessica Lussier, Vermont Technical College and UVM; Brittany Stark, Southern Vermont College; Jordan Noyes, Duke University; and Corey Pariseau, UVM.

The Lyndon State College Upward Bound program has welcomed eight summer staff members to the LSC campus for the 32nd summer residential program. Upward Bound summer staff facilitate activities on campus for UB students, tutor in academic classes, and live with students in the dorm. They are current college students, or recent college graduates, and seven out of the eight are former Lyndon State College Upward Bound alumni who have returned to give back to the program. These capable mentors will share a wealth of experience in and enthusiasm for postsecondary education, and aim to empower Upward Bound program participants to reach for their own ambitious college dreams.

Upward Bound at Lyndon State College is a college preparatory program funded through the United States Department of Education. The program is committed to providing modest income, first-generation college bound students the academic background, college preparatory experiences and support needed to succeed in college immediately after high school. The Upward Bound program works with 75 students, in nine Northeast Kingdom high schools.

Upward Bound students spend six weeks of their summer on the campus of Lyndon State College. For more information, contact Rick Williams or Rose Reynolds in the Upward Bound Office at (802) 626-5000.


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