Waterford School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the second trimester of the 2012-2013 school year.

Grade 8: Emilie Begin, Jillian Brochu, Emma Carr, Taylor Farmer, Emily Green, Jonathan Green, Lauren Green, Maeve Hening, Serena Knights, Elise Plonski, Brooke Smith, Jo-Ann Stanley, MacKenzie Stanton, Lindsey Wood and Jasmine Wood.

Grade 7: Nate D'Agostino, Jordyn Knight, Kenzie Magoon, Kayla Matte and Mikaylah Payeur.

Grade 6: Madeline Cushing, Alex Gingue, Rebecca Green, Alexis Jablonski, Olivia Ruffner, Morgan Stanton and Sadie Stetson.

Grade 8: Julia Ash, Alex Dagesse, Hunter Delworth, Cayla Keach, Jed Matheson, David Nadeau, T.J. Shaw, John Skinner and Jaime Wood.

Grade 7: Jacob Before, Laura Benoit, Emma Corey, Haley Elliott and Derek Holbrook.

Grade 6: Mark Ash, Jesse Before, Carter Brochu, Danielle Chesbrough, Bridget Denio, Zach Fucci, Olivia Hall, Tory Mason, Grace Nadeau and Erik Savard.

Grade 6: Delaney Buck, Remington Peterson and Connor Williams.


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