Five Academy math students were recently selected to represent Vermont on the 15-member statewide All-Star Math Team, which will travel to Pennsylvania State University in early June. The Vermont team includes the top-performing students on the Vermont Talent Search, American Invitational Mathematics Examination, Vermont Math Prize, and the New England Math League Competitions, as determined by the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition.

Students are also eligible for the team if they were members in the past. The Academy students chosen for the team are: junior Jingyun "Roderick" Huang from China; freshman Harper Wallace from Lyme, N.H.; junior Patrick Lawlor from West Glover; sophomore Nien-Fu Hsieh from Taiwan; and sophomore Yaojia "Hugh" Huang from China.

According to the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition website, "Each year, teams consisting of 15 high school students from across the United States and Canada meet for a national mathematics competition. Each state sends up to four teams, with smaller states like Vermont sending one team." The Vermont team will participate in three days of competition at Penn State.

Sharon Fadden, Chair of the SJA Mathematics Department, said, "It is an honor to be chosen as a member of the Vermont All-Star Math team. This is the first time that St. Johnsbury Academy has five students on the team that will represent the State of Vermont."

Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett said, "The fact that one-third of Vermont's team comes from the Academy speaks volumes about the quality of our teachers and students. Such success doesn't happen by accident; it is the result of dedicated effort and a passion for mathematics. I wish these students and their teammates much success in this rigorous competition."


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