Were Dale Earnhardt & #146;s seat belts mounted wrong after all? Last week NASCAR announced new guidelines that will regulate how teams and drivers install the seat belts in 2002. Rob Copeland, a NASCAR spokesman, said, ?All this year safety issues were put under a magnifying glass. What we & #146;re doing next year is making formal what was already in place.? < BR >

< B > The new rule reads: < /B > ?Each car must be equipped with a NASCAR-approved seat belt restraint system. Unapproved seat belt restraint systems or components will not be permitted. The seat belt restraint system must be installed in accordance with the directions provided by the system supplier and/or manufacturer.? < BR >

If you look real closely between the lines, I believe you can read Earnhardt & #146;s belts were not installed the way Bill Simpson suggested. < BR >


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