I want to go on record as saying I believe the title hopes of Tony Stewart, Jeremy Mayfield and Ryan Newman are over. From the first day I heard of this goofy playoff scheme I thought the winner was going to be the driver who didn?t have a finish of 35th or worse. Heck, I?m thinking the champ?s worst finish will be in the low to mid-20s. That, of course, is if the ?big one? at Talladega on Oct. 3 doesn?t involve everyone in the top 10.

The suits of NASCAR say a driver can have a bad race and still win the crown. I?m not buying the hype. I believe it?s their way of trying to keep the fans of those drivers with a bad finish watching racing instead of NFL football.

I?m guessing the winner will average a seventh or eighth place finish plus pick up his share of bonus points. With that said, those three that had trouble at NHIS and anyone else who finishes 35th or worse in the next nine races would have to have their other nine finishes in the top three or four and I just don?t see that happening.

< b > From The Mail Bag: < /b > Dave Moody, MRN announcer and the voice of Thunder Road also has a daily radio show on Sirius. He dropped me a note on last week?s column.

He wrote, ?Hey Big, interesting column this week. As you might guess, we spend a lot of time on ?Sirius Speedway? talking with people about the new rules deal. After much deliberation, I?ve become a supporter, and I?ll tell you why.

?Under the old system, there would be a maximum of 3-5 drivers in the running for the championship right now. That is borne out by history. Never in the history of the old point system has a driver come from outside the top 10 with 10 races to go to win the championship. In fact, the farthest a driver ever came from is FOURTH PLACE (not to nit-pick but it was 5th), when Tony Stewart did it in the final 10 races of the 2000 season.

?Two years ago, Kurt Busch had a phenomenal ?final 10,? and came from 11th place in points to sixth (again, not picking but it was 12th to third); still more than 200 points (again not to pick, I?ve been doing my research, it was 159) from winning the championship. The argument that this new system robs drivers of the chance to make an incredible run to the title is simply not supported by fact. Nobody ever came from outside the top 10 to win it, and nobody ever would have.

?I disagree with you that drivers outside the top 10 are getting less exposure under the new system. In fact, I think more drivers are getting exposure than ever before. Here?s why. There are now 10 drivers being focused on as potential champions. A year ago this week, there were MAYBE four. While drivers outside the top 10 are admittedly not being focused on as championship contenders, they never were in the past, either. Let?s face it, if you were 12th in points at this juncture of the season a year ago, you were out of it, and everyone knew it.

?Now look at drivers like Kasey Kahne, Jamie McMurray, Dale Jarrett and Bobby Labonte. While they didn?t make ?The Chase,? they spent the last 3-4 weeks as the subjects of INTENSE media scrutiny, as they battled for one of those spots. Never in the history of NASCAR have drivers outside the top 10 received so much attention; a huge bonus for their sponsors and teams.

?Look back at television and newspaper coverage of NASCAR racing over the last few years, and you?ll see that when the season gets down to the final few races, two groups of people have always gotten the lion?s share of attention: championship contenders and drivers who run up front. It?s the same this year. If Kasey Kahne wants to get on TV Sunday, all he needs to do is go to the front, same for any other driver outside the top 10.

?Three weeks ago, I challenged my listeners to name a single driver who has gotten less attention this year than he would have received under the old point system. I?ve yet to have anyone make a case.

?Yes, it?s a radical change. And yes, old fogeys like us hate change. But in this instance, I think it has been a good thing for NASCAR and its teams. And it sure has given guys like us something to talk about.?

? Although I did talk about guys getting less exposure, and Dave made some great points, I?m sticking with my first paragraph last week in which I wrote, ?I don?t care how exciting the playoffs turn out to be now that there are 10 guys within 45 points of each other, I just can?t get over the fact NASCAR stole 2,146 points from the 24 team. That?s right 2,146 points right out the window.?

< b > Will The Real Cup Champion Please Stand Up? < /b >

I?m not sure if anyone was going to keep track of the points the old-fashion way so I took the liberty to do so. (I have since found out nascar.com is keeping track.) The following would be the top 20 if NASCAR wasn?t worried about TV ratings. Note both Ryan Newman and Jeremy Mayfield would no longer be in the top 10.

1. Jeff Gordon 3,753, 2. Dale Earnhardt Jr. 3,711, 3. Jimmie Johnson 3,677, 4. Matt Kenseth 3,507, 5. Kurt Busch 3,499, 6. Elliott Sadler 3,463, 7. Tony Stewart 3,461, 8. Mark Martin 3,337, 9. Jamie McMurray 3,331, 10. Kasey Kahne 3,323, 11. Kevin Harvick 3,268, 12. Ryan Newman 3,255, 13. Jeremy Mayfield 3,251, 14. Bobby Labonte 3,246, 15. Dale Jarrett 3,182, 16. Michael Waltrip 2,941, 17. Rusty Wallace 2,896, 18. Sterling Marlin 2,879, 19. Jeff Burton 2,864, 20. Casey Mears 2,843.

The new system shows Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Kurt Busch on top with 5,210 points. Then it?s Jeff Gordon third (5,201), Matt Kenseth (5,200), Jimmie Johnson (5,180), Elliott Sadler (5,172), Mark Martin (5,139), Tony Stewart (5,086), Ryan Newman (5,074) and Jeremy Mayfield 142 points back at 5,068.

< b > Nice Gesture: < /b >

Bob and Gary Bahre, owners of New Hampshire International Speedway, have said they will cut a check for $20,000 to the eight drivers who failed to qualify for the Cup race last weekend. Rain washed out time trials so the field was lined up according to owner?s points and races attempted.

Bob Bahre said, ?I remember when we were racing midgets and my wife and I didn?t have enough money to stop at McDonald?s on the way home from the track. Nobody leaves here without a check.?

< b > Craven Not In The No. 31 < /b >

This Weekend: Richard Childress Racing sent out a release this week saying Robby Gordon is definitely in the car this weekend at Dover. The rumors about Ricky Craven replacing Gordon are completely false and unfounded.

RCR tried calling the reporter who ?broke the news? from the Boston Herald to ask him about his source. Last I heard no one has returned the call.

Gordon On Probation: Robby Gordon has been placed on probation by Richard Childress Racing for the remainder of the 2004 season. ?Many athletes have made mistakes in their careers and would take back the negative things they?ve said or done if they could,? said Richard Childress, ?As a result of his actions last weekend in New Hampshire, I have placed Robby on probation for the rest of the season. I would like to apologize to all of the fans, the media, and the teams. I also would like to publicly apologize to Cingular Wireless for being placed in this situation. If there is one positive, I think this can make Robby understand that there is more to racing than just being aggressive. In this sport today, one action can affect many people?s lives on the track and beyond it, as well.?

Gordon will conduct a press conference at 8:30 a.m., Sept. 24, in the infield media center at Dover International Speedway.

< b > Playoffs Might Not Be The Answer: < /b >

The first race in NASCAR?s ?Race For The Championship? wasn?t the TV hit they had hoped for. Even Sponge Bob had more viewers.

The NHIS race got a cable rating of 2.8 and tied for the sixth most popular basic cable program. The No. 1 show was the Dolphins/Bengals NFL game on ESPN. Second was ESPN?s NFL pre-game show. Others with more viewers were reruns of Law and Order, Sponge Bob and Square Pants and big-time wrestling. The number of households watching was 3,024,000. Last year the NHIS September race had 3,214,000 viewers. That?s a drop of 6 percent.

< b > Whoops: < /b > Were you one of the few thousand fans who noticed the Winston Cup patch on Jeff Gordon?s uniform at New Hampshire last weekend? Of course he should have had a Nextel Cup patch. When asked about the slip-up Gordon said he has a few old uniforms hanging in the trailer that he uses when he?s testing and he grabbed the old one. I?m guessing those old ones will go to charity or something so that doesn?t happen again.

< b > ACT Dodge Tour Lee Event: < /b >

Ryan Moore?s entry on Wednesday of this week brought the number to 60. I?m sure there are a few others who?ll just show up. ACT is looking to maybe add a C feature.

The B feature pays $800 to win and I?m guessing if the driver transfers to the 150 he?ll forfeit the cash. That?ll be a tough call because to make $800 in the 150 a driver will have to finish 13th. Of course, if it?s an ACT Tour point chaser it?s a no-brainer. But then again it?s 150 laps and the top prize is $10 grand. Second pays $5,000, third $2,500. The remaining top 10 will cash checks for $1,500 (4th), $1,400 (5th), $1,300 (6th), $1,250 (7th), $1,200 (8th), $1,100 (9th) and 10th pays a grand.

Here?s a partial list of entries for Sunday?s $10,000-to-win New England Dodge Dealers National 150 at Lee (N.H.) USA speedway. To help with who?s who I?ll list them as A=ACT, B=Busch North, C=Claremont, L=Lee, O=Oxford, S=Seekonk, W=WMMP.

Bobby Baillargeon (L-82), Andre Beaudoin (A-?), Joe Becker (A-16), A.J. Begin (A-66), Alex Bernard (S-49), Scott Bonney (L-25), Chris Bowie (O-99), Roger Brown (A-99), Eric Chase (A-40), Dan Colby (A-60), Mike Collins (L-23), Doug Coombs (O-57), Jean-Paul Cyr (A-32), Gerry DeGasparre (S-71), Trampas Demers (A-85), Jamien Deschenes (C-2), John Donahue (A-26), Brent Dragon (A-55), Kenny Dufour (A-4), Mark Durgin (L-32), Pete Fecteau (A-75), Tom Fearn (A-03), Jamie Fisher(A-18), Steve Fisher (A-24), Ken Haley (L-48), Ron Henry (A-05), Mike Jurkowski (ran Riverhead and has run a few ACT races), Gary Knight (C-27), Jeff Labrecque (L-24), Patrick Laperle (A-91), Joey Laquerre (A-15), Keith Larmie (L-2), Jean LeBlanc (W-7), Kendell Legendre (W-20), Derek Lynch (A-?), Eddie MacDonald (B-?), Shawn Martin (O-94), Jacob McGrath (A-72), Cris Michaud (A-6), Mike Olsen (A-61), Shawn Parker (truck series I believe), Dave Pembroke (A-44), B.J. Piekarski (A-19), Joey Porciello (L-02), Randy Potter (W-27), Ricky Roberts (A-9), Phil Scott (A-14), Dale Shaw (A-52), Dennis Stampfl (Thompson), Todd Stone (A-1), Scott Watts (L-81), Dean Weber (L-30), Quinny Welch (W-78), Chad Wheeler (A-92), Dave Whitcomb (A-25), Dave Wilcox (A-64), Eric Williams (A-7) and Ricky Wolf (L-38).

< b > WMMP Notes: < /b > First things first. It was pointed out to me last weekend that I have mentioned twice lately that Bryan Mason is one of the 11 different winners in the Late Models this season, when in fact it was his brother Corey who won on May 29.

My cheat notes had the No. 10 listed when it should have read No. 1. Corey won the Triple Crown that day winning his heat, the semi and the main event.

? Last Saturday night was the final point race of the 2004 season. It was the 17th race of the year and there were three drivers picking up their first wins of the year. Stacy Cahoon was the first Late Model under the checkers, Matthew LeBlanc picked up the checkers in the Super Streets while Skip Elliott brought his No. 33 Strictly Stock Mini to victory lane.

? This season is Cahoon?s 18th season driving a race car. It took him all season, but his win last Saturday night keeps a streak of 10 straight seasons with winning at least one main event a year. The last time he went an entire season without winning a race was back in 1994.

? This year?s Late Model Champion is Glenn Martel. It was his first year back after taking a few years off. He also won the crown back in 1994. He had one win, 4 top 3s, 5 top 5s and 13 top 10s in 17 races. He joins Sam Gooden (1998 and ë99) as the only guy to win the title twice in the tracks 12 year history.

? Dave Langlais is the Super Streets champ. He had 1 win, 5 top 3s, 6 top 5s and 12 top 10s.

? Toby Peters tallied the most points in the Strictly Stocks. He had 1 win and amazing 9 top 3s. He also had 12 top 5s and 14 top 10s.

? Opie Thayer will pick up the winners trophy at the banquet for winning the Strictly Stock Mini title. He picked up 5 wins, 2 seconds, 4 thirds, a fourth and a 10th on his way to the top. That?s 13 top 10s in a division where in a heart beat you can find yourself headed the wrong way.

? Jason Welch is the 2004 Strictly Stock Mini Rookie of the Year. He finished every lap of every race he was in this season. That?s right, every lap, all of his heat races and finished every feature on the lead lap. He ended up 11th in the final point tally and would have finished eighth if it weren?t for a fallen tree on his road that made him late for the car show costing him the 50 points that goes with it. He told me next season he?s sleeping in the parking lot the night before the car show.

? During this season 35 different Late Model drivers earned points. The Super Streets saw 23 drivers. Thirty-three drivers picked up points in the Strictly Minis.

? Every driver in the top five spots in the Late Model points changed positions the final race.

? The Super Streets saw second, third and fourth all change positions. The biggest change in the top 10 saw Bernie Lantagne jump from eighth to fifth.

? During a season that seemed as though it rained all the time only one race date was completely washed out. And that was way back on May 23, the second race of the year.

? The champions have all been crowned but WMMP is running what?s called the Fall Jamboree September 25. This open competition event will feature a 100-lap main for the Late Models, 75 laps for the Super Streets, 50 laps for the Strictly Streets and 30 laps for the Strictly Minis.

Gates open at 8 a.m., practice runs from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and the first green flag will fly at 2 p.m.

For more info call 603-745-6727 or logon for rules and info at < a href=\"http://www.whitemtnmotorsports.com\" target=\"new_window\" > their website < /a > .

ACT Road Trip: A few ACT drivers made the trip up to Kawartha Downs in Ontario this past weekend. Kawartha?s open comp show was last Friday night. It was run in three segments like the Milk Bowl.

Former ACT and CASCAR champion Dave Whitlock was the overall winner. Derrick Tiemersma of Newmarket, Ontario was second. ACT regular Mark Lamberton was seventh after finishing third in the first segment.

ACT point leader Jean-Paul Cyr, who won the second segment and was headed to the front in the final segment when he got turned into the fence, was 11th overall. Others of interest were Roger Brown (14), Joey Laquerre (18) and Bill Zardo Sr. was 21st.

Whitlock is reportedly making a significant effort to make it to the Milk Bowl, thereby to meet up with Derek Lynch in a rematch of the ?94 Milk Bowl. Whitlock won the ?94 Milk Bowl after Lynch whacked the ?Widow Maker? late in the final segment while dicing for the lead with Mike Rowe. Whitlock also won the 1995 Milk Bowl, the last one involving the original ACT Tour Pro-Stocks. The only other driver ever to win back-to-back Milk Bowls was Brian Hoar (?98-?99).

< b > PASS: < /b > Larry Gelinas regained the lead from Richie Dearborn on a lap 118 restart and never gave it up to win last Saturday night?s Pro All Stars Series HK Powersports 150 at White Mountain Motorsports Park. The victory was Gelinas first PASS feature win of 2004 and the second of his PASS career, both coming at the high-banked North Woodstock quarter mile. Gelinas is the ninth different PASS feature winner of 2004.

Point leader Johnny Clark continued his string of top three finishes with a second place run. Clark has two wins, a second and three third place finishes in the series? last six events and heads for the season finale at Thompson International Speedway on October 2 with the upper hand in the title chase.

Cassius Clark led early and nipped Dearborn at the line for third, his first PASS podium finish. Lee USA winner Dearborn added to his streak of top five runs with a fourth place finish after racing up from the 11th starting position to lead at the 2/3 mark. Scott Chubbuck came from 16th to complete the top five. Defending series champion Ben Rowe recovered from a spin with 30 laps to go to record a sixth place finish. Gary Drew, Scott Mulkern, Jeff Taylor and David Avery completed the top ten.

< b > RESULTS < /b >

BNS: Sylvania 125 at New Hampshire International Speedway Sept. 20 ? 1. Andy Santerre $13,100, 2. Paul Wolfe $9,000, 3. Ryan Moore $8,500, 4. Dale Quarterley $7,200, 5. Mike Gallo, $5,700, 6. Mike Johnson $5,700, 7. Bobby Dragon $5,300, 8. Jerry Marquis $4,300, 9. Joey McCarthy $4,300, 10. Brad Bennett $3,900, 11. Brian Hoar $4,700, 12. Todd Bodine $3,000, 13. Bryon Chew $3,400, 14. Brad Leighton $3,300, 15. Kelly Moore $3,200, 16. Mike Stefanik $3,100, 17. Don Wagner $3,050, 18. Bill Penfold $2,975, 19. Eddie MacDonald $2,950, 20. Troy Williams $2,425, 21. Barney McRae $2,900, 22. Tracy Gordon $2,375, 23. John Salemi $2,350, 24. Ryan Seaman $2,825, 25. Dave Dion $2,800, 26. Matt Kobyluck $2,775, 27. Sean Caisse $2,250, 28. Jamie Aube $2,725, 29. Mike Speakman $2,200, 30. Mike Olsen $2,700, 31. Rick Bell $2,200, 32. Kip Stockwell $2,700, 33. Dale Shaw $2,200, 34. Nevin George $2,200, 35. John Cerbone $2,700, 36. Scott Bouley $2,700, 37. Doug Krpata $2,700, 38. Jeff Anton $2,200.

Points (with two races left) ? 1. Santerre 1984, 2. Mike Olsen 1795, 3. Quarterley 1728, 4. K. Moore 1710, 5. R. Moore 1679, 6. Stefanik 1664, 7. Kobyluck 1651, 8. McCarthy 1649, 9. Johnson 1594. 10. Brian Hoar 1590.

PASS: HK Powersports 150 at White Mountain Motorsports Park Sept. 18: 1. Larry Gelinas, 2. Johnny Clark, 3. Cassius Clark, 4. Richie Dearborn, 5. Scott Chubbuck, 6. Ben Rowe, 7. Gary Drew, 8. Scott Mulkern, 9. Jeff Taylor, 10. David Avery, 11. Chuck Lachance, 12. Donnie Whitten, 13. Gege Gravel, 14. Mike Maietta Jr., 15. Travis Khiel, 16. Andy Shaw, 17. Patrick Laperle, 18. Mike Rowe, 19. Russ Hersey 20. Mike Maietta Sr., 21. Gary Smith, 22. Wayne Helliwell Jr., 23. Corey Williams, 24. Scott Watts, 25. J.R. Baril 26. Travis Benjamin, 27. Walt Hammond.

Points (with one event left) ? 1. J. Clark 3024, 2. B. Rowe 2972, 3. M. Rowe 2856, 4. Smith 2780, 5. Gelinas 2740, 6. Khiel 2708, 7. C. Clark 2694, 8. Hammond 2562, 9. Dearborn 2392, 10. Gordon 2308.

WMMP: Sept. 18: Late Models ? 1. Stacy Cahoon (first win of the year), 2. Dennis Phelps, 3. Garrison Grumbisa, 4. Bryan Mason, 5. Russ Clark, 6. Quinny Welch, 7. Don Drew, 8. Glenn Martel, 9. Bill Duggan, 10. Jean LeBlanc, 11. Pete Potvin, 12. Rick Thompson, 13. Mike Gosselin, 14. Jamie Swallow, 15. Donna Cahoon, 16. 17. David Labrecque, 18. Corey Mason.

Final Points ? 1. Martel 867, 2. S. Cahoon 851, 3. Thompson 849, 4. Phelps 849 (Thompson wins the ties breaker 2 wins to 1.) 5. Potvin 828, 6. Welch 803, 7. Clark 802, 8. B. Mason 802, Clark wins tie breaker 1 win to none), 9. Gosselin 734, 10. C. Mason 655, 11. Tyler Cahoon 616, 12. Todd Aldrich 606, 13. Duggan 574, 14. LeBlanc 553, 15. Derek Ming 542, 16. Labrecque 461, 17. D. Cahoon 456, 18. Eric Corum 435, 19. Marc Belanger 415, 20. Kendall Legendre 357.

Super Streets ? 1. Matthew LeBlanc (first win of the year), 2. Bernie Lantagne, 3. Tim Churchill, 4. Daryl Smith, 5. Dave Langlais, 6. Adam Delucca, 7. Brockton Davis, 8. Kenny Marier, 9. Oren Remick, 10. Douglas Laleme, 11. Michael Martel, 12. Rich Paradis, 13. Howard Switser, 14. Stephen Clark, 15. Timothy Casey.

Final Points ? 1. Langlais 836, 2. Delucca 820, 3. Laleme 819, 4. Switser 804, 5. Lantagne 796, 6. B. Davis 791, 7. Paradis 790, 8. Marier 788, 9. Remick 776, 10. Churchill 770, 11. Smith 725, 12. Martel 702, 13. LeBlanc 700, 14. Casey 698, 15. Alfred Hanson 511, 16. Leslie Keyser 497, 17. Michael St. Onge 384, 18. Stephen Clark 353, 19. Rick Fadden 283, Michael Davis 279.

Strictly Stocks ? Had the night off. Final Points ? 1. Toby Peters 889, 2. Jason Wyman 871, 3. Thomas Keith 864, 4. Steven Parker 856, 5. Gary Griswold 799, 6. Shane Sicard 765, 7. Keri Driscoll 761, 8. Scott Vien 721, 9. Jody Sicard, 10. David Baron Sr. 867.

Strictly Stock Mini ? 1. Skip Elliott (first win of the year), 2. Travis Ingerson, 3. Kyle Tatro, 4. Opie Thayer, 5. Jason Welch, 6. Michael Richards Jr., 7. Jason Fallman, 8. Raymond Eames, 9. Tom Smithers, 10. Jason Kenison, 11. Josh Santy, 12. Dan Curren, 13. Scott Legendre, 14. Les Washburn, 15. Blaine Dorman, 16. Brady Therrien, 17. Sean Akers, 18. Nicholas Pilotte, 19. Curtis Leeman, 20. Ernie Snider.

Final Points ? 1. Thayer 874, 2. Curren 784, 3. Therrien 771, 4. Smithers 739, 5. Eames 737, 6. Santy 728, 7. Washburn 720, 8. Akers 695, 9. Shifflett 661, 10. Pilotte 661, 11. Welch 657, 12. Richards Jr. 647, 13. Elliott 580, 14. Dorman 547, 15. Karen Bixby 529, 16. Ingerson 520, 17. Snider 491, 18. Dan Sidney 453, 19. Roddy Tanner 341, 20. Legendre 321.

Bear Ridge: Sept. 18: Fast Fours ? 1. Andy Johnson, 2. Jeff Perry, 3. Tim Martin, 4. Dean Switser Jr., 5. Wayland Childs, 6. Billy Simmons, 7. Lenny Garduno, 8. Dan Johnston, 9. Chandra Ryan, 10. Robert Bell, 11. Steve Bell, 12. Kevin Harran, 13. Marvin Johnson, 14. Troy Randall, 15. David Stearns, 16. Matt Piper, 17. Bobby Bell Jr., 18.

Points (with one race left) ? 1. Childs 826, 2. Johnson 819, 3. Martin 794, 4. Perry 780, 5. Garduno 758, 6. Simmons 730, 7. Switser 729, 8. Johnston 726, 9. S. Bell 606, 10. B. Bell, Jr. 550.

Pro Streets ? 1. Dan Eastman, 2. Mike Gendron, 3. Brian Piper, 4. Richie Simmons, 5. Ryan Avery, 6. Joe Perreault, 7. Shawn Pallas, 8. Ken Hodge, 9. Troy Comeau, 10. Sam Comeau, 11. Will Hull.

Points (with one race left) ? 1. Eastman 872, 2. Simmons 850, 3. Avery 844, 4. Gendron 760, 5. Piper 759, 6. Hull 752, 7. Hodge 605, 8. Pallas 592, 9. Perreault 417, 10. Perkins 391.

Sportsman Coupes ? 1. Toby Tatro, 2. Bryan King, 3. Ross Dery, 4. Tyler Rich, 5. Doug Titus, 6. Kevin Chaffee, 7. Kevin Menard, 8. Adam Osgood, 9. Matt Ellsworth, 10. Josh Harrington, 11. Rick Fadden, 12. Kane Pike, 13. James Hanson, 14. Dale Leroux, 15. Melvin Pierson, 16. Steve Ellsworth, 17. Rick Marsha, 18. Paul Towle.

Points (with one race left) ? 1. Rich 824, 2. Tatro 801, 3. Titus 798, 4. Ellsworth 787, 5. Osgood 734, 6. Menard 684, 7. King 672, 8. Harrington 645, 9. Hanson 641, 10. Dery 618.

358 Modifieds ? 1. Jim Ryan, 2. Dick Moses, 3. Vince Quenneville, 4. Adam Pierson, 5. Dan Douville, 6. Troy Gray, 7. Rick Martel, 8. Gene Pierson Jr., 9. Jack Cook, 10. Brad Phelps, 11. Ben Elder, 12. Chris Donnelly, 13. Brian Whittemore, 14. Pete Kimball.

Points (with one race left ? 1. Quenneville 879, 2. Gray 812, 3. Ryan 807, 4. Douville 799, 5. Pierson 770, 6. Donnelly 722, 7. Whittemore 693, 8. Murray 606, 9. Pierson, Jr. 603, 10. Pete Kimball 590.

< b > Trivia Time: < /b > Steve Mulliken from Monroe, N.H. is this week?s Strap In T-shirt winner. He knew Elliott Sadler drove the No. 92 in his first Cup start.

Last week I asked for the two drivers outside the top 10 who have won Cup races this season. They are Rusty Wallace and Greg Biffle.

< b > This Week?s Question: < /b >

Summer?s about over and you need to support a local track. For a shot at a T-shirt all you need to do is tell me a driver who won a main event at a track near you during the weekend of Sept. 25-27.

< b > Until Next Week: < /b > If you went to NHIS last week may I suggest you go 50 miles farther down the road to the Lee (N.H.) USA Speedway for the ACT Dodge Tour 150. More than 60 cars will be there and I?m telling you the heat races will be more entertaining than last week?s Cup race. And if you stop in a Dodge dealership and pick up a coupon it?ll cost you $12.

Join me but remember, ?If you?re not having fun stay home and don?t bother those of us who are.?

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