2012 was a whirlwind year for The Balsams Grand Resort, once the largest employer in northern New Hampshire but now the subject of a lawsuit.

That lawsuit has compounded difficulties for owners Daniel Hebert and Daniel Dagesse, who were already having a tough go securing financing for the renovations, and has made the resort's projected summer 2013 reopening looking less and less likely.

In May, Andy Martin, a self-dubbed "corruption fighter," filed the lawsuit that alleged the The Balsams was sold to two men who had no financing to renovate it and no visible plan to reopen it.

Martin blasted the Balsams deal as "fraudulent" and sought to void the resort's sale - which was approved by the office of the New Hampshire Attorney General - and appoint a receiver to reopen it immediately.

The other primary respondents named in the lawsuit are Attorney General Michael Delaney and the Tillotson Corp., which held The Balsams in a trust before selling it to Hebert and Dagesse.

The case, dismissed in November at Merrimack Superior Court, has since been appealed and is now pending before the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

The Balsams, which closed in September 2011, was purchased by Hebert and Dagesse in December 2011.

Dagesse said the goal is to renovate the resort to make it a world-class destination for decades to come and restore the 300 jobs that employed area residents.

For the renovations, the owners seek up to $25 million in financing.

Martin, however, argues that no one will invest that much money in The Balsams, which he said is "not a location to build a Waldorf Astoria" and had previously been run as a "successful niche business" with "exquisite food and rustic luxuries."


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