Bad weather led to a slew of accidents last week.

On Thursday, blowing snow and squall conditions put motorists in the ditch on area roads.

In one of a handful of accidents Thursday afternoon, Tierney Campbell, 22, of Orleans, lost control of her 2005 Chrysler SUV on Interstate 91 southbound at 4:30 p.m. in Brownington, state police said.

The vehicle slid off the east side of the highway and rolled over onto the driver's side in the median.

Campbell was not injured and the vehicle was totally destroyed and had to be towed.

Other vehicles slid off the interstate during the squall conditions Thursday afternoon and evening, prompting state police to issue warnings to motorists.

Also Thursday, Greg Leland II, 18, of Irasburg, lost control of his 2008 GMC Sierra at 1:31 p.m. on Lake Region Road in Irasburg, state police said.

Leland was traveling westbound when his vehicle slid in the slush-covered road and onto the soft shoulder, and then the vehicle rolled over on the driver's side and came to rest across both lanes of travel.

Leland was not injured and the vehicle was towed.

State police dispatchers reported that at least one tractor trailer had trouble on Route 105 north of Jay Peak, the truck route. The truck had to be towed into position to continue.

Late Monday afternoon, a Lowell woman was injured in a head-on collision at 4:48 p.m. on Route 100 in Hyde Park, state police said.

Daphne Dolan-Christiansen, 63, was evaluated at Copley Hospital for injuries, state police said. She was wearing a seat belt.

She tried to turn her 2010 Subaru Legacy to avoid hitting a 2001 Mazda Protege driven by Joshua Tallman 21, of Eden. Tallman had lost control and had slid into her lane.

The airbags in both vehicles deployed but Tallman and his passenger Stephanie Stearns, 20, of Eden, were not wearing seat belts and were treated for incapacitating injuries at Copley Hospital, police said.

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