The District 7 Environmental Commission has issued a draft land use permit for the Burke 2000 LLC Burke Mountain expansion plans.

Burke Mountain resort officials are seeking approval to construct the first leg of a multi-tiered expansion of both homes and resort amenities. The first phase calls for 32 single family homes.

In the draft permit, the commission noted that if no one seeks a hearing on the application to build the 32 single family homes by Tuesday, the draft permit will become official and the resort will have the commission's OK to move forward.

The draft permit states the resort must file more information: current water quality conditions; existing or planned pedestrian amenities, including trails in the vicinity of the project; a status report on the plan to meet affordable housing needs; a map or plan detailing prime agricultural soils and on-site mitigation; and copies of Vermont Agency of Natural Resource permits for water supply, wastewater disposal and stormwater discharge.

The board is also seeking a full size or 'to scale' final site plan.

The project will be located at the ski area, generally below the existing Mid-Burke lodge.

The draft permit also states that the water supply will be via connection to the existing community water system identified as the Burke Mountain Water Company, access via Alpine Lane and High Meadows Road, and includes the proposed stormwater treatment system with a pond.

The permit also specifies the homes must have modest low-level lighting and that "any exterior lighting shall be installed or shielded in such a manner as to conceal light sources and reflector surfaces from view beyond the perimeter of the area to be illuminated."

Exterior signage is not included in the permit. Burke must seek permission to erect any exterior signage from the commission, which would include banners, flags, balloons, any type of inflatable marketing devices and other advertising displays except temporary real estate marketing signs.

Site work and construction must be completed in accordance with the approved plans by Sept. 15, 2017, the permit states. Burke will be required to file a certificate of the actual construction costs with the Natural Resources Board within one month after construction has been substantially completed or two years from the date of the permit being signed.

A hearing must be sought in writing to District 7 Environmental Commission, care of Kirsten Sultan, District Coordinator, 1229 Portland St., Suite 201, St. Johnsbury, VT 05819.

Prior to requesting a hearing, people are asked to contact Sultan at 751-0120 for more information.

In another decision, the commission issued a land use permit to Suzanne Flachbart to subdivide her 21-acre property on Ridge Road into two lots, one being 12.9 acres, the other 8.6 acres, which has been approved for the construction of a single family home on the added lot. The access to the new lot will be from a shared private driveway from Ridge Road, the permit, issued by the commission Jan. 19.


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