Burke Publick House Opens Today


Julie Demers and her husband, Craig, enjoy their meals at the Publick House in East Burke Monday night.

Downtown East Burke will have a brand new restaurant open for business starting today.

The Burke Publick House is opening in the building that formerly housed the Pub Outback for many years. Last week, the Publick House previewed the restaurant to approximately 100 members of the Burke Area Chamber of Commerce. On Monday night, the restaurant had a soft opening; the restaurant was filling with diners by 7 p.m.

Curt Cuccia, the owner of the new restaurant, said Monday night was a dress rehearsal, uncovering any last minute glitches and making sure the restaurant had a error free shake-down cruise before opening its doors to the public.

According to the guests who dropped in for an early look, the restaurant is a success and worth a return visit.

The Publick House has two menus; a regular menu and a "market" menu. The regular menu includes the restaurant's standard entrees offered every day. There are appetizers, salads, sandwiches and a range of dinners listed. The "market menu" will vary on what foods, primarily locally sourced food raised or grown in the Kingdom, is in season and at its peak of freshness. The "market" menu will feature locally raised beef and poultry and fresh locally grown vegetables in season.

One popular feature of the menu is, where appropriate, menu items are listed as "vegetarian" or "gluten free." Cuccia said all of the food offered is made from scratch and the restaurant uses no frozen foods.

"It's amazing" is how Julie Demers, Danville, described her meal at the Publick House in East Burke Monday night. She and her husband, Craig, said the meal was "very good" and Julie added, "It's the first place I can eat because I have a seafood allergy." She said the menu labels the foods so she can be sure what she is eating is safe for her.

A glance at the menu shows "bangers and mash" as a featured entree. Another item is a pub burger made from New England raised beef. There is a half chicken entree and another meal featuring steak and potatoes. Someone hoping for something light can dine on any one of the salads on the menu. Cuccia says he'll be looking for feedback from local diners, hoping they will tell him what they'd like to see on the menu and share a few of their favorite recipes.


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