WHEELOCK -- The town has received a Better Back Roads grant, making possible a recently completed project to make improvements to the Burroughs Road North, where a ditching and erosion control project was carried out, said Town Clerk Michelle Trottier.

The project cost a total of $15,626.21, said Trottier, and the town recently received a grant of $10,000 to apply to the cost of the work.

The state-run Better Back Roads program requires towns to put up a 20 percent match minimum in order to seek the grant funding, according to the application, which noted that the work needed to be completed by Sept. 30.

A total of $2,731.61 was spent on labor for the work, $6256.50 in equipment, $3,730.60 in materials and contracted work cost $2,907.50, coming to the total of $15,626.21.

According to the town's report to the Better Back Roads program, the project began "approximately 1,000 feet north of Burroughs Brook on the east side of Burroughs Road (also named Wheelock Road in the adjoining Town of Danville) and running 1,000 feet down a steep incline to where Burroughs Road crosses Burroughs Brook. In addition, the roadbed is narrowed in one location, being 'cut' into banks on either side, not allowing any ditching at present and causing a safety hazard for drivers," the town noted in seeking the funds.

The Burroughs Road is a "significant and heavily traveled Class 3 shortcut byway for Wheelock and other area town residents traveling from Route 122 (Wheelock, Sheffield and Sutton) and Route 5 (Lyndonville) to Danville and points west (Montpelier) and south (Peacham)," the town told the state in seeking the help.


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