Grafton County Indictments:Heroin Possession, Credit Card Fraud

Christopher Johnston

NORTH HAVERHILL, N.H. -- A mom and her son from Lisbon have been indicted in Grafton County Superior Court for dealing drugs.

Tammy M. Kubik, 54, faces a special class felony count for allegedly selling on May 17 in Lisbon nearly 4 grams of the narcotic hydrocodone to an individual cooperating with the Lisbon Police Department.

Christopher J. Johnston, 34, faces a special class felony count for selling more than 2 grams of hydrocodone to a cooperating individual on May 30 in Lisbon and a second special class felony count for selling 1.5 grams of oxycodone on June 9.

Both were living in Lisbon at the time of the alleged drugs sales, but have since relocated to Bethlehem, Lisbon Police Chief Scott Pinson said Wednesday.

"They had been doing it for quite some time," said Pinson. "We received a number of tips these sales were taking place."

Those tips began about a year prior to police filing charges and resulted in a three-month investigation. Sold by the duo were pills in batches of seven, four and three, he said.

Because Kubik and Johnston didn't hold onto the drugs for long, Lisbon police didn't execute arrest warrants but instead sent the case to Grafton Superior Courts for indictments, said Pinson.

"Now that they're indicted, arrest warrants will be issued and they'll be picked up," he said.

Hydrocodone and oxycodone are semi-synthetic opioids that are the opiate base of the pain relievers Percocet and Vicodin.

While abuse of prescription drugs remains a concern in the North Country, the use of heroin is on the rise because of its availability, pricing and what seems to be a constant supply into the region, said Pinson.

Kubik has been arrested previously for several motor vehicle infractions that include driving after suspension, according to Lisbon police records.

Johnston also has several previous arrests that include a Class B felony count of burglarizing All Good Foods Cafe and Pub in Lisbon in September 2013 and misdemeanor count of theft.


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