NEWPORT CITY -- A man upset about the electric company shutting off his power allegedly threw a huge fit, threatened the electric company employee and a police officer, and repeatedly punched his kitchen window -- landing him in Orleans Superior Court-Criminal Division.

Ryan Marcotte, 28, of Newport, pleaded guilty Nov. 27 to disorderly conduct by fighting. He was sentenced to serve 34 to 35 days on a work crew.

Judge Howard VanBenthuysen said this probably won't be the last time someone is upset with the power company, but there are probably better ways to handle it.

Newport City Police officer Aaron Lefebvre responded to 49 Green Place after Vermont Electric Cooperative worker Elizabeth Blaney-Brown reported that Marcotte had threatened her.

"I immediately encountered an irate Ryan Marcotte," Lefebvre wrote. Marcotte came outside "clinching his fists and lowering his body for stability."

He berated Blaney-Brown, yelling, "You're not disconnecting my power, you f****** bitch."

Lefebvre ordered Marcotte twice to stop yelling and swearing, eventually going inside while shouting, "Come inside my house pig and I will beat your ass."

"Marcotte continued to engage and lure my presence inside his residence to 'beat my ass,'" Lefebvre wrote.

Because of Marcotte's "violent outbursts" Lefebvre called for Sergeant Nicholas Rivers to back him up.

When Rivers arrived, Tiffany Marcotte, Ryan's wife, demanded that everyone leave the property at once. Simultaneously, Ryan Marcotte began punching his kitchen window, which has a view of the porch where both officers were standing.

"Again, Marcotte returned outside aggressively charging our direction clinching his fists lowering his body and began yelling 'f****** pigs,'" Lefebvre wrote.

When the police were leaving, Marcotte got onto the roof outside his second-story window and continued to yell at the officers.

Marcotte's past criminal record includes three convictions for possession of marijuana, three for false pretenses or tokens, resisting arrest, two counts of unlawful mischief, petty larceny, and unlawful trespass into a building.


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