COLCHESTER, VT -- The following area teachers were named Unsung Heroes in the Saint Michael's College Teacher Recognition Program. The teachers were nominated by former students who are now first-year students at Saint Michael's.

Spencer Morse, a teacher at Blue Mountain Union School in Wells River, was named by Nattassia Marshall, who said "Mr. Morse was my advanced math teacher and calculus teacher; he is the best math teacher at Blue Mountain by far. He knows so much about mathematics and has applications for all types of math in all types of real life situations. He explains new material so well and is always willing to give you extra help when you are stuck on something. He is dedicated to all of his students and to the subjects that he teaches and you can really tell he is passionate about math and helping students learn. He is also an alumni of Saint Michael's College!"

Nikki Berry, a teacher at Lyndon Institute, was named by Stephanie Kallahan, who said "Mrs. Berry deserves this award because she has opened up my life to so many new and exciting opportunities. I took her Holocaust and Human Behavior/Comparative Genocide class where she was so dedicated to teach us about the atrocities of the 20th century, as well as going the Eastern Europe to visit some of the key places that are associated with the Holocaust. Mrs. Berry also helped me with some family issues that I had during my senior year and she dropped everything countless of times to help me out when I needed it. She also encouraged me to apply and eventually go here to SMC (she's an alum) and I couldn't be more thankful. Nikki Berry is by far my favorite teacher I've ever had and I'm more than happy to say thank you to her for everything she has done for me over the past couple of years!

Christina Flateau, a teacher at Woodsville High School, was named by Alexandra Slack, who said "Mrs. Flateau makes a personal bond with all of her students. She genuinely cares about the students needs and has an immense passion for her profession in music."

"We feel very fortunate to have these students as members of our community," said Jerry Flanagan, SMC vice president for Admission and Enrollment Management at Saint Michael's.


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