Berlin City Auto Group, a family of dealerships founded in 1980 in New England, and its Drive for Education foundation, a forward-thinking program created by the employees of Berlin City Auto Group, announce the award recipients in its Drive for Education program. Donating $33,050 to 24 K-12 schools spanning across New England, Berlin City Auto Group has exceeded awarding of $204,695 to local schools. Recipient schools were recently honored.

To be considered for the program, a school official had to submit a short essay to Berlin City Auto Group by April 15 explaining how their school would use a donation of up to $3,500. Berlin City's Brand ambassadors, a group of employees that lead the dealerships' community involvement campaigns, evaluated the needs of each school and selected the winners accordingly.

"We're thrilled to have be in the position to give out $204,695 in donations to New England schools," said Yegor Malinovskii, vice president at Berlin City Auto Group. "We believe in giving back to the community and helping our local schools succeed in education."

Schools receiving awards in the area include: Groveton High School; Berlin High School; Brown School in Berlin, N.H.; Edward Fenn Elementary School in Gorham, N.H.; Berlin Regional Career and Technical Center; and Colebrook Elementary School.

From each vehicle sold at its six dealerships throughout New England, Berlin City gives a portion of sales to the Drive for Education program. This first of two yearly awards period, the Drive for Education Foundation has awarded more than $33,000 to New England schools with the first donation of $40,000 made in June of 2011 to twelve recipient schools. For more information about Berlin City Auto Group's Drive for Education Foundation, visit:


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