As of Dec. 1, there will be more than one way to shop at Mayo's Furniture and Floor Covering in St. Johnsbury. They're fixing up the old paint store to become Mayo's Furniture Sales Annex, where they'll sell discontinued furniture and other pieces that haven't sold at a discount. "It'll be a place for people to get a good buy on new furniture," said co-owner Fred Laferriere. "There will be some damaged furniture as well. We don't get a lot of that, but once in a while that does happen."

The inspiration came recently when they went to a furniture show in North Carolina and purchased more inventory than they could handle in their current space. "I just don't have that much space!" said Laferriere. "I've got to move some things off the floor. I own the building so I might as well do something with it!"


The Grindstone Cafe is about to reopen under expanded ownership. Ben Fuller has been the primary owner, but now he is working with Scott Mooney, Jesse Howes and Kim Crady-Smith to run the cafe as a partnership. Fuller will remain on board as a silent partner.

"I was over there one day and Ben said that he was going to sell it and he had a buyer," said Crady-Smith. When that sale fell through, Fuller approached her to ask if she'd be interested. She immediately said yes.

"I think it's going to make my life crazy, but I'm dedicated to drinking that coffee," she joked. "You can get a decent cup of coffee in Lyndonville and I'm not giving that up!"

Mooney and Howes will run day-to-day operations during the week and Crady-Smith will take care of weekends.

For Crady-Smith, it's also a good synergy with Green Mountain Books and Prints, the other business she owns. "I can do book signings or have readings, so it's a great match."

The atmosphere will remain the same, but there will be one big change: rather than bringing in baked goods from Kerrigan's in West Burke, Kate Colleran will "be baking just for us." They'll also be adding open mic nights in December. "We're thinking weekly at this point, but we'll see how it goes."


TJ Mold & Tool has relocated from Bay Street in St. Johnsbury across the river to Lewis Court.

"We only leased all the years we've been in business," said co-owner Todd A. Colby. "We purchased this property. ... KLR Racing was in here previously. We used to do some work for them and he decided they were moving down to race car country in the Carolinas. He said one day, 'Do you want to buy this building?'" A few months later the deal was done.

The company, which fabricates the tooling that New England manufacturers like Hitchiner and Weidmann use in their factories, were closed for about a week in October for the move. Now they're back up and running.

In the new space, they have the opportunity to hire more people.


Cindy Noyes of Thyme To Learn Wellness has been operating out of a shared rented space at Inner Truth Massage on Cottage Street in Littleton, N.H., for the last couple of years. She has now made the move to her own space in the Tannery Marketplace on Saranac Street. "It was getting a little crowded over there time-wise," she said. "I wanted a place where I didn't have to cart all my stuff every time. It's really nice to be able to walk in and have all my crystals there all the time, rather than lugging 50 pounds of crystals back and forth to the house very time I have an appointment."

Noyes offers Reiki, crystal healing, essential oils, meditation, stress management and more. She also works with children. "Even a 2-year-old can go out and meditate if you give them the right tools to do it," she said. She is also currently working on a Master's dissertation on Reiki.

"It's been a really big adventure," Noyes said. "It's amazing when you're on your right path, how everything ends up falling into place."


There is movement in the former Hallmark shop on Meadow Street in Littleton next to Olympia Sport. We've heard a report that it will become a loan store but have not yet gotten confirmation about the name of the company.

Hopefully more information will be forthcoming soon!


David Pepin is reviving his retired father's auto business in Island Pond. "My father actually has run an auto repair center in Island Pond for 35 years ... I've been in Florida for 20 years and I just kinda took over and opened the place up."

At Pepin's Green Mountain Sales and Service, he's offering auto repair, used cars, tires, inspections, snowmobile sales and more.

"I got married and had a couple little ones, so I thought this would be a better place for them to grow up," Pepin said. "My wife grew up in Florida, so it's a but of a shock to her system, but we like it."


If you have, or know of, a new or soon-to-open business, or one that is closing, moving, expanding or changing hands, please let us know by calling the newsroom at 802-748-8121 or e-mailing us at or


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