ST. JOHNSBURY -- On Saturday, Sept. 17 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., The Caledonia School will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with former and current students, their families and friends, staff both old and new, and members of the community at large.

Housed in the Old Arlington School on School Street in St. Johnsbury, The Caledonia School first opened its doors and welcomed new students during September of 2001 as an approved, independent high school. Since its inception, the school has met the educational needs of the students either as a stepping stone back to their sending schools, or where they can choose to complete their education. A decade ago the student body consisted of 15 students. Today that population has grown to as much as 43.

One part of the mission of The Caledonia School, in addition to promoting achievement, individuality, respect and responsibility, is to involve students in service-learning based projects. This past spring, in response to a request by Benjamin Luna, the State assistant district attorney, students at The Caledonia School contributed to the beautification of downtown St. Johnsbury by participating in the Parking Meter Project. Last year, students participated in the eight-mile Hike For Hunger, raising well over $1000, helped raise funds for HOPE, visited The Riverside Life Enrichment Center to engage with seniors and share stories, and helped to serve lunch at the Sheffield Meal Site.

Sept. 17 will be a day for sharing memories and special moments from the past 10 years. For more information call 748-4424.

The Caledonia School is administered by Northeastern Family Institute, a statewide non-profit provider of educational and mental health services to children and families.


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