NEWPORT -- Every year at United Christian Academy, the students and staff choose a cause to raise money for as a school and community. Some of these causes have included buying goats for families in Haiti, buying school supplies for those in need, and a food drive for those affected by the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.

This year, due to the destruction of hurricane Irene in late August, the school has decided to raise money to help those in the southern part of Vermont who suffered from the worst flood damage. Even today, months after the initial storm hit, many families are without power and basic resources as roads were washed out and families had to evacuate. With the money raised, the school will purchase gift cards for the families.

One $50 gift card will be provided to a local grocery store and a second $50 gift card will be provided to a department store, such as Wal-Mart or Target, to each family. This will allow families to purchase food, clothing and various necessities that many have gone without for the past three months. Money will be raised by donations from students, faculty, and the community.

There will be collection cans in every lower-school classroom and spread throughout the upper school. Checks can be made payable to UCA, and be noted "Christmas for Vermonter's Project." Cash or check donations may be sent to United Christian Academy, 65 School St., Newport, VT 05855. One hundred percent of the money raised will go towards the project. For more information, call (802) 334-3112.


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