Concord School Students Visit Dog Mountain


Concord School students and staff enjoy a day at Dog Mountain.

Concord School kindergarten and first-grade students have been enjoying the books of local author and artist Stephen Huneck in their library classes. Through the stories of Sally and her friends, students are learning about the many wonderful adventures they can have here in the Northeast Kingdom, and especially at Dog Mountain.

Since many of the students and staff have never been to Dog Mountain, a field trip took place on Oct. 18. On a cloudy fall day, the students, along with their middle school reading buddies, teachers and a few parents, were greeted by Sally and Jill, Dog Mountain's general manager and enjoyed a couple of hours at Dog Mountain. They got to meet Sally and pet her, walk some trails, visit the gazebo, have snacks by the pond, learn about the chapel and read many of the moving notes left by people about their beloved pets who have died, and just experience much that Dog Mountain has to offer. Several students left their own notes on the chapel walls.

The students learned about Huneck, his art and his sense of humor. They enjoyed seeing a fire hydrant at the top of a hill. Their experiences with Sally and Dog Mountain will continue in the spring when Sally visits Concord School, and the school year will culminate with the students writing their own Sally stories.

Through this year-long unit, kindergarten and first-grade students will meet several of their English and Language Arts Common Core requirements, such as recalling information from experiences; using a combination of drawing, dictating and writing to compose opinion pieces about a favorite book; and they will begin to find information and research about complementary subjects.


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