Concord School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2011-2012 school year.

Seniors: Breanna Eschmann, Nicole Harran, Sydney McAlister and Brianna Simpson.

Junior: Kelsi Despins

Sophomores: Cody Day and Michael Mitchell.

Freshmen: Victoria Ballou, Kendra Darrell, Emily Harran and Ashley Miles.

Grade 8: Cameron LaMadeliene, Coleton Loura-Bumps, Courtney Morehouse and Nicole Young.

Grade 7: Taylor Call and Ashley Darrell.

Grade 6: Leland Murtiff and Emily Regan.

Seniors: Hillary Daignault, Michael Hemond and Ashley Young.

Juniors: Kasey Degreenia, Brianna Smith and Kelly Jo Wilson.

Sophomores: Haylee Bunnell, Fawn Call and Sarafina Chamul.

Freshmen: Dylan Sorum

Grade 8: Garrett Brown, Brandon Call, Cecilia Chamul, Miranda Evans and Baylee Olden.

Grade 7: Miles Gochie, Evan Hemond and Logan Quimby.

Grade 6: Brooke Brown, Virginia Thompson, Abby Young and Lauren Young.

Seniors: Helena Bizon

Juniors: Joshua Goulding

Sophomores: Sean McAlister Jr., Brody Young and Lindsey Young.

Freshmen: Jordan Gochie and Kenyon MacDonald.

Grade 8: Katlynn Young

Grade 7: Kaylee Gray, Dylan Hall and Zachary Simpson.

Grade 6: Kameron Churchill, Lakenna Loura-Bumps and Adam Shatney.


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