Concord School recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the third quarter of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Juniors: Cameron LaMadeleine and Nicole Young.

Grade 8: Autumn Brown, Katelynn Evans, Kaitlyn Girouard, Cassidy Older and Audrey Thompson.

Grade 7: Nicholas Smith

Grade 6: Lainie Allen

Juniors: Tiffany Allen, Cecelia Chamul, Samantha Griswold, Courtney Morehouse, Baylee Olden and Steven Sheldon.

Sophomores: Summer Abbey, Taylor Call, Felicia Colbeth, Shy-Anna Crawford, Ashley Darrell, Miles Gochie, Caitlin Harrison, Evan Hemond and Tyler Thomas.

Freshmen: Leland Murtiff, Virginia Thompson, Abby Young and Lauren Young.

Grade 8: Tito Chamul, Hannah Gordon, Preston Loura-Bumps, Megan Poor, Matthew Rancati and Matthew Smith.

Grade 7: Maryah Allen, Dylon Bunnell, Ariel Cassidy, Hanna Cassidy, Dakota Collins, Shania Eastman, Clara Harrison, Cody Rowell, Mya Rutledge, Brandon Smith and Nyah Straight.

Grade 6: Morgan Darrell, Delaney Haines, Bryce Johnson, Devon Longley and Jordan Quimby.


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