Eli Goss Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament To Be Held This Weekend


John Hinton, Adam Pothier and Mark Marsh display their prize winning fish at the 2013 Eli Goss Memorial Ice Fishing Tournament.

The fourth annual Scholarship Benefit Ice Fishing Tournament will be held Feb. 21-23 at Lake Seymour in Morgan. The tournament is in memory of Eli Goss, who was a senior, at United Christian Academy in Newport, when he passed away in a motor vehicle accident on Sept. 17, 2010 on the Gore Road in Morgan. The event is organized by the Student Forum at North Country Union High School, along with family and friends.

Eli is remembered for his many friendships that built a bridge between the two area schools. Donations to this event support scholarships for students at United Christian Academy, where Goss attended school, and North Country Union High School, where he had many friends.

The tournament begins at 3:33 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 21. Participants may register at the Registration Ice Shack located at the Public Beach Fishing access on Lake Seymour any time during tournament hours. A donation to the Eli Goss Memorial Scholarship Fund is appreciated for registration. The tournament will end Sunday at 3:33 p.m. and an awards ceremony will be held at the fishing access. Prizes are also given to local students and families who fund-raise for the Eli Scholarship fund. Donations can be given at the registration shack and on line at www.eligossmemorialfund.com. Tournament stickers and t-shirts will be awarded to all those who donate to the fund.

Prizes will be awarded for biggest fish and most donations raised. The top three winners will receive special prizes -- the much sought after bomber hats embroidered with the 2014 Eli tournament logo. The first-prize winner will also receive a cash prize.

Last year the tournament doubled its fund raising efforts for the Eli Goss Memorial Scholarship Fund and six college scholarships were awarded to students at UCA and NCUHS. Scholarships are also funded by donations from members of the community, as well as money the students raised throughout the year.

UCA parents and students have also been raising funds throughout the year for the scholarship fund in memory of Goss, who was also a varsity soccer and basketball player. A trophy case displaying Eli Goss' soccer and basketball jerseys was installed at UCA this year and both schools now have matching trophy plaques displaying the names of Scholarship winners each year.

Contact Stephanie Goss (802) 673-8931 for more information. Registration and donations may be made at www.eligossmemorialfund.com. Tournament Logo hoodies can be ordered by calling Stephanie Goss or online for a $30 donation on the order page at www.eligossmemorialfund.com.


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