ST. JOHNSBURY -- Many parents, frustrated with the state of public education or the soaring costs of private education, are taking the lead in their children's education and teaching them at home. Classical Conversations is hosting free three-day conferences at the end of May in order to equip and empower parents to provide a world-class education for their children at home. Speakers will address practical methods of teaching children from ages four through high school. The special focus this year is preparing students to be leaders in the field of science.

Classical Conversations calls these conferences "Parent Practicums" because parents will actually "practice" the teaching methods during the seminars.

"I couldn't imagine that I could give my children a better education than I received until Classical Conversations showed me how! The Practicum convinced me I could do it!" said one homeschooling parent, who is entering her 11th year of homeschooling with Classical Conversations.

While parents are learning, their children learn too. Economically priced student camps are available for students. Campers will learn to draw the world from memory in Geo-Draw Camp, and older students will be practicing public speaking, writing, or doing science labs in one of several camp options.

Classical Conversations plants and supports communities of parents and students who meet weekly for academic activities, accountability, and encouragement. Classical Conversations also offers exceptional resources for classical, Christian home educators and online support throughout the school year. Over 81,000 students are currently participating in Classical Conversations programs around the world.

To find a Parent Practicum near you, visit For further information, contact Lauran Van Der Eems at


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