Gale River Cooperative Preschool Welcomes New Teacher


Crystal Hodgdon, at right, has been hired to teach at Gale River Cooperative Preschool, where she joins veteran teacher Janet Williams, at left. Pictured with the teachers outside the Sugar Hill school are Hannah Hodgdon, a GRCP graduate, and Lily Hodgdon, a new student at the cooperative preschool.

SUGAR HILL, N.H. -- Preschoolers will be greeted by a new teacher as they return to the classroom at Gale River Cooperative Preschool late this month. The Board of Directors at GRCP is pleased to welcome Crystal Hodgdon to the GRCP staff, where she joins veteran teacher Janet Williams.

Hodgdon was a founding member of the cooperative preschool in 2004 and has served on the GRCP board and countless hours as a classroom volunteer.

"We're thrilled to have Crystal joining our school," said GRCP president Meghan McPhaul. "She's familiar with the Gale River philosophy, having helped to develop the school several years ago, and she's incredibly enthusiastic about teaching young children. We know our students and their families are going to love her."

Hodgdon is creating a curriculum to engage GRCP children and take advantage of the natural setting at the farm-based preschool. From bugs and animals to changing seasons and other ecosystems of the world, the school's young students will explore shapes and colors, math and literacy through experiential and play-based learning.

"Gale River is such a wonderful place for learning," said Hodgdon. "I'm excited to be joining Janet in the classroom, and am looking forward to opening worlds of learning for the children."

GRCP is a play-centered cooperative preschool for children ages 3 to 5, where parents and students learn together. As a cooperative school, GRCP's member parents are involved on a regular basis in the classroom, witnessing their children's growth and development first hand. The school's location on a farm surrounded by fields and forest allows children exploration and learning in a natural setting.

School opens Aug. 29 and GRCP follows the Lafayette Regional School's school year calendar. The school is accepting new students for the 2011-2012 school year.

For more information, visit or call (603) 823-9995.


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