Good Shepherd Catholic School in St. Johnsbury recently announced those students achieving the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Grade 8: Emily Byford, Ian Clough, Jaime DeKett, Brianna Gingue, Hailey Jenkins, Michele LeBlanc, Abby McNally, Caroline O'Shea, Emma Reiner and Sarah Sylvain.

Grade 7: Gwen Frechette, Andrew Hegarty, Nick Lasseigne and Jasper Rankin.

Grade 6: Neva Bostic, Jane Clerkin, Ethan Eames, Elizabeth Gilmartin, Matthew Thomas and Taryn Tremblay.

Grade 5: Jacob Bruzual, Morgan Eames, Gray Flanagan, Jillian Hegarty, Ann Roberts and Julian Stahler.

Grade 8: Matthew Emery, Patrick Greenan, Sarah Henderson, Evan Humphrey, Dallas Leach, James Pastula, ,Misha Turnbull and Collin Urie.

Grade 7: Antonio Carlisle, Jake Choiniere and Michael Lamontagne.

Grade 6: Lance Abella, Nathaniel Atkins, Cal Burke, Maddy Byford, Alex Gauthier, Curtis Gingue, Shawn Guckin, Riley Higgs, Steven May and Fred Thomas.

Grade 5: Sadie Chapman, Josie Choiniere, Patrick Fox, Mark Ghafoori, Nick Guckin, Marc Lamontagne, Lilly Leach, Trevor Lunnie, Olivia Matteis, Reis Towle and Dylan Villeneuve.


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