The following awards were presented to graduates at Lisbon Regional School during commencement exercises on June 1.

Concordia Lodge 64 Independent Order of Odd Fellows: Brenna Ferro

Melvin Haynes Memorial Vocational Scholarship Award: Dylan Blowey

Dayton David Atwood Award: Shannon McGrath

Lisbon Teachers Association Scholarship In Memory of Jane Stevens: Brenna Ferro

Ernest "Jim" Butson Memorial Scholarship Award: Rebecca Daniels, Olivia Myers, Shannon McGrath and Anna Walker.

New England Electric Wire Technologies Scholarship: Rebecca Daniels, Olivia Myers, Shannon McGrath and Anna Walker.

Henry E. Brown Scholarship: Corin Beckett, Kayla Fifield, Daniel Plant, Dylan Blowey, Bryton Fontaine, Destiny Presley, Jocelyn Choate, Amanda Gamache, Cameron Smith, Sydney Clement, Shannon McGrath, Jackson Smith, Megan Cunningham, Dominic McGuire, Sara Taylor, Rebecca Daniels, Zoe McKinley, Anna Walker, Brenna Ferro and Olivia Myers.

Coca Cola Scholarship: Jackson Smith

Clough Memorial Scholarship: Corin Beckett

Littleton Rotary Scholarship: Megan Cunningham, Brenna Ferro, Bryton Fontaine, Shannon McGrath and Cameron Smith.

John Brown Scholarship: Olivia Myers

Littleton Regional Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship: Sara Taylor and Shannon McGrath.

Patricia Lang Memorial Fund: Cameron Smith, Amanda Gamache and Daniel Plant.

Yvonne Bronson Scholarship: Jocelyn Choate

D.A.R. Citizenship Award: Rebecca Daniels

Conor Shea Memorial: Dominic McGuire

N.H. Scholars Awards: Megan Cunningham, Rebecca Daniels, Joshua Deem, Brenna Ferro, Bryton Fontaine, Amanda Gamache, Lukas MacBean, Shannon McGrath, Zoe McKinley, Olivia Myers, Cameron Smith, Sara Taylor and Anna Walker.

Babe Ruth Sportsmanship Awards: Rebecca Daniels and Daniel Plant.

Excellence in Athletics Award: Jackson Smith

Lisbon Stump Jumpers: Dylan Blowey

Landaff Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship: Dylan Blowey, Syndney Clement, Kayla Fifield and Cameron Smith.

American Legion Post 68 Littleton: Kayla Fifield

American Legion Auxiliary Post 20: Megan Cunningham

NHTM Scholarship: Olivia Myers

Wallie Berry Memorial Scholarship: Destiny Robinson

Dr. Elisabeth Berry Scholarship: Megan Cunningham

Hugh J. Gallen CTE/Auto Technology Scholarship: Bryton Fontaine

The Henry Greenlaw Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Gamache

Stickney Educational Trust: Rebecca Daniels


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