CONCORD, N.H. -- Applications are now available from the Northern Border Regional Commission for projects in four northern New Hampshire counties that develop infrastructure, retains or creates jobs or promotes tourism, recreation and conservation.

The commission plans to award $1.2 million this summer throughout the 36-county region across New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Organizations in Carroll, Grafton, Coos and Sullivan Counties in New Hampshire are eligible to apply for grants.

"This is a very worthwhile program for our four northern counties," said Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner George Bald. "In the past, organizations that have received these grants have put forward important projects that do help strengthen these rural areas of the state."

More than $650,000 has been awarded by the NBRC for projects in New Hampshire that include development by the Northern Community Investment Corp. for visitor information kiosks in the North Country; construction of a business incubator in Plymouth by the Grafton County Economic Development Council and extension of an access road by the Mount Washington Valley Economic Council to reach its Technology Village in Conway.

The NBRC was created by Congress to offset challenging economies in rural areas and has awarded $2.5 million for projects, which, when completed, will preserve over 1,300 jobs.

Each state develops its own process for scoring and ranking applications received, with local economic development districts in the states providing technical assistance to applicants.

The North Country Council in Bethlehem will coordinate applications for the state. When the rankings are complete, Gov. John Lynch will put forward the priority projects to the commission.

For more information about applying for the grant program, contact Jeff Hayes at North Country Council, 603-444-6303.


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