The fifth and sixth graders at Holland Elementary School have been raising money all year for their end-of-the-year field trip to Boston. They still needed to raise enough money for a coach bus to get there. That is when an anonymous donor offered $500 towards the coach bus on one condition: the class had to read 10,000 minutes.

The minutes had to be above and beyond their homework and classwork reading time to be able to count towards reaching the 10,000 minutes goal. The students, along with their teacher, Mrs. Maple and their principal, Mrs. Phelan, thought that they could reach their goal in two weeks. Mrs. Maple provided a reading log so the kids could keep track of their minutes. Parents had to sign off on the log for their minutes to count. The 20 kids and their teacher started reading like crazy!

Some kids read up to 250 minutes a night! That's a lot of hours reading! Most kids read about an hour a night. Sixth-grader Olivia Lemieux said, "I thought the anonymous donor making us work for the $500, instead of just handing it to is was good because in life, things won't just be handed to us." Catherine Currier, another sixth grader said, "It was very generous of the anonymous donor to offer $500. I think they were trying to get us to use teamwork and achieve a goal as a class." Fifth grader Trent Davignon said, "It was hard, but we did it in two weeks and it is sweet that we have the money for our field trip." Another fifth grader, Joe DeSena thought, "It was generous of the person to give us the money and a neat idea to make us work for it. Reading used to be one of my worst subjects and now I feel a lot more confident about reading. Now I read for fun!"

When the two weeks went past and the class met their goal, all of the kids jumped up and down. The principal, Mrs. Phelan, took pictures of the class next to our reading thermometer that tracked the 10,000 minutes of reading. "On April 10th, we received $500 and we are very appreciative of the anonymous donor."

Submitted by Holland School students Noah Gonthier and Kasey Champney.


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